Knitting in the Night

Almost done - one sleeve to go. Gonna have to let it wait until November.
Almost done – one sleeve to go. Gonna have to let it wait until November.

It’s the start of Plucktober! What’s that, you ask, scratching your head? Obviously you’re not one of the 10,200+ Plucky Knitter Group Members. Because that is all we’re talking about.

Plucktober is kind of a knitting marathon. Honestly, some knitters stayed up all night to get a head start. Others, like me, crashed at the usual bedtime with dreams of socks, mittens, shawls, hats and sweaters taunting us in our dreams.

I have plans. I’m going to do a hat, mittens and scarf for the wee offspring. Wee offspring is 35, but he still gets cold in the winter. And I’m going to cast on a lovely sweater in gray – my most favorite bright cheery color – for me.

And then there’s the Boots & Faded Jeans. The gray is called Mighty Mac for the Mackinaw Bridge which links the mainland to Mackinaw Island. Ah Mackinaw Island ………. sumptuous place. And then I have Run Forrest coming on Bello  ……… kind of a browny bronzy color for another sweater (there’s a sweater marathon in my future).

With all of these lovelies, I also have Old Money on Bello. Now I hadn’t bought any Bello until the last Instant Gratification Update but lord.  It oughta be banned. I touched that single, lonely little skein and passed out. Immediately I put up an In Search Of for more of this yarn. I need this yarn.

In between all of this, I’m working on my quilt. I have put down a bit to see what I think and today I’m going to rearrange the colors. I have a plan in zee haid and I veel make it work.

A whole month of power knitting ……….. bring it on.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately that picture is true to life. 😜


  2. I love your new picture. I hope all is well.


  3. Are you coming back…say YES, say YES, SAY YES!!! I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK.


  4. Sounds like a plan. Remember to eat and shower once or twice:)


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