Trouble – Right Here in River City


Well, it’s raining. It’s not just raining. It’s really raining and has been since sometime last night. It comes down in walls of rain.

I went to the local PO in the hardware store this morning at about 11 and hydroplaned the whole way home. Broadway was flooded then – and it’s not any better now.

I just saw a notice on Twitter to drive carefully around the Broadway Park area because it’s flooded. Guess where I live? Yup. On Broadway Park.

That tree up there is down two streets west of me. The street I drive back and forth on whenever I go out to get to anything on north Broadway. I was on that street this morning.

So far, we have power. But folks have to move their cars in downtown because high tide is here or coming and the Kenduskeag Stream is coming up. Also we’re on a tidal river so anything downtown would be a problem.

This is what the Whole Foods in Portland looked like earlier today. Don’t imagine it’s any better now. And there’s been a mudslide on Route 1A between around Dedham/Ellsworth. Not good.


It’s going to rain until tomorrow morning ……… and then Hurricane Joaquin will head up the coast. It’s going to be wet here for a few days ……..


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Pretty bad! It’s receding but there’s a lot of damage and now the hurricane is heading our way. I’m going to knit, sew and eat chocolate.


  2. Blah!!! and then some. That’s a flood and a half.


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