IMG_0088It might be all I write about for a while. Color. Where to put what color …… how to create the effect I want with the colors I’ve made.

I’ve been busy cutting up squares (all done Thank. God.) and now am sewing them together. I was amazed at how great the fabric takes to cutting up. I’ve found that I like the multi-colored fabrics I’ve dyed best of all. When cut into squares, they can be sewn back together and colors from different parts of the cloth co-ordinate but don’t match – if I make myself clear there. I’m getting a whole new look.

I dyed my favorite ones by soaking the cloth in water and then scrunching it into a small container. Then I sprinkle colors of dye where I want. I then pour over a mixture of soda ash, salt and water and drain off any excess in the bottom of the container. Then I turn the fabric over and repeat. These pieces are on my favorite list – as are the bound pieces I’ve dyed.

I either fold, pleat or twist the cloth and then secure it with rubber bands. I soak it in soda ash, salt and  water and then prepare the dye. I do mix the dye with hot water and pour it over where I want. Then the whole grouping gets turned a couple of times. I usually poke the cloth with a spoon to make sure dye is getting into all the parts and doesn’t leave much white area. If it does, no problem. I just repeat the process the next day.

I hope to have a picture or two to share over the next few days. I’m at the stage now where they’re sewn together in 4-patch blocks and I want it all together before I do a glamour shot.

Too much fun ………


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    You will love it. The colors jump at you!


  2. Yay!!!! Looking forward to seeing it. 🙂


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