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Mother Nature has decided that yes, it is Fall in New England. Fall it is, with a temperature of 56 degrees at 4:00 pm and a frost warning overnight. This is the first frost of the year – sigh. Not the last, unfortunately.
I went to the grocery store this morning to forage for food. Two older (and that’s saying something, that is!) gentlemen were walking into the store and one asked the other if he was ready for snow and the man said Ayup or words to that effect. The first gentleman offered to give him his, if he wanted it and I chimed in and offered mine because if I can get rid of that white shit from Hell, hey I’m good.
He said he’d take it but I have no idea how to get it to him or even where he lives – not wanting to follow him around the store and then home. So …….. I guess I’m stuck with it.
Since it is cold, the first thing that comes to my mind is soup. The child of my heart does not agree. So I will make the soup at a later date. Today I am preparing the kale for my soup.
Kale is something that is extremely wonderful to eat but it must be thoroughly cooked. I’ve seen where people put it in the oven and turn it into Kale Chips and I think they must be from Mars. I would not do that. I cook mine, in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes or so and then split it up and stuff it in baggies and freeze it.
The kale I purchased today is local and HUGE. It was also fresh, which I can tell because removing the stems was super easy. If it’s old and tough, the leaves don’t come off that grand – you have to tug.  So step one in my soup making is in prep mode.
My late husband adored soup and would rather eat it than anything. That meant I had to learn how to make it! I had no clue some 37 years ago. I do now.
I love Portuguese Kale Soup and make it when I know I can freeze it (room in the freezer) so I don’t have to eat the whole pot by myself. Child will not touch it – it’s green – horrors.
Portuguese Kale Soup in The Victory Garden Cookbook by Marion Morash is the recipe I started with. I adapted it because I don’t eat sausage. I just leave it out.
I use about 1/2 a large bunch of kale, 4 medium red potatoes peeled and chopped, one large onion, 5 cloves garlic, olive oil for sautéing, a can of jalapeño pepper diced tomatoes, black beans and vegetable broth. I might get nuts and use white beans – either way it’s grand.
I also use cumin and chili powder to excess in this recipe because I love cumin and chili powder. I might even throw in some cayenne pepper depending on how hot the tomatoes are.
Like all good soups, you begin with dicing an onion (or putting it in your Cuisinart Mini-Prep – which I forget I have) and sautéing it until it is translucent. I add the cumin and the chili powder and let them fry too. At this point I put in the 5 cloves of garlic I’ve minced and I can use the mini-prep for that too! After about a minute because garlic burns very quickly, I stack in everything else and let it cook until the potato is done and everything is nice and tasty smelling.
I cook and freeze the kale first because it is a tough green and much better cooked and then frozen and used in that manner. Once you freeze the kale, you can either thaw it out in hot water or let it cook. Either way it will be in large pieces if you don’t take the time to tear it up small before you cook it the first time. I don’t. I don’t thaw it out and cut it either – I just put it in the soup and then I use a knife and fork to cut it up in my bowl. I like that it’s something I can do this with – makes me feel all country and well-fed at the same time.
If you don’t mind eating meat, the recipe does call for a sausage of some kind and my husband liked kielbasa in it. I think chorizo is the sausage of choice for authenticity though!
Soup in progress ……….. now what to do about that snow?????????

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s good frozen after you cook it to death. I like my kale not tough. And I have a recipe


  2. Denise says:

    I’ve always had problems with kale being too tough. I will try cook and freeze – I can see it would break up the structure.


  3. Jennifer says:

    LOL Maggie could give a rat’s ass too whether it’s me or you! She’s such a doll ……. I called like 4000 people about snow removal and so far they’re all doing only commercial accounts. Great. So ….. I’m buying a snow blower and screw them. It will be much cheaper and kiddo can push it. He’d like that better than permanently being attached to a shovel!


  4. I’m not flying up there to bail you out for stalking old men in grocery stores so be sure you DON’T do that! I may, on the other hand, fly up there while you are in jail and eat everything in your freezer. I love soup. You know how boys are, your son may think that I’m you and never look twice. LOL The cat, on the other hand, may have something to say about my sating in the kitchen all the time. So rather than upset her, just don’t stalk anyone. If you do find a place for the snow, see if the guy will take mine too because I sure don’t want it. ❤


  5. omtatjuan3 says:

    Are you saying winter is just around the corner.. Frost advisory! It’s 85 here


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