A lot of teeny little squares. Two inch squares. A lot of cutting, for sure.

My pieced quilt will be made up of several of these colors.


And a few of these:


The only thing is, I have to cut them all into 2″ squares. Well, I guess I don’t HAVE to, I WANT to. So today me and my Olfa Cutter are gonna become buddies. It shouldn’t take forever, except that I need to cut at least 432 of them, maybe 648. I can’t decide if I want the finished piece to be 24 x 36 or 36 x 36 so if I feel like cutting a bunch, I’ll do that.

Actually the squares will end up being 1.5″ once they’re sewn together. The fun part will be the color placement of every teensy little square to see what I can come up with. I like color play, I like putting odd colors together and my quilt store owner friend once remarked that I can put together the ugliest combination of fabric and have it turn out drop dead gorgeous. Although I’m not sure she meant it that way, I took it as a compliment. I was buying that ugly fabric from her, after all!

I had a grand time when I lived in St. Clair Shores and could go to The Quilters Patch whenever i wanted. It’s a friendship that is no more, partly due to my sensitivity and partly due to no filter on my friend’s mouth, but it is a friendship I miss. She’s gone on to do great things and I’m so happy for her.

I always think about her when I go to look at fabric. Her shop was like candy heaven to me, a place to go and see my friends and buy fabric and I even taught there once. I am not a good quilting teacher, that’s a fact. I couldn’t seem to explain how to hold a needle perpendicular to the quilt in order to hand quilt. They kept saying “What do you mean?” And I kept thinking “Are you all cretins? Perpendicular means frigging perpendicular.”

I had to leave the classroom after about the hundredth time I had to explain this. And then, at the end of the class, one of the women thanked me for a great class. I told my friend who informed me that that woman had complained about me earlier in the class. Sigh. I decided they could get by just fine without me. Just frigging fine.

I couldn’t teach my methods of quilt making if I tried. I don’t have a pattern, I have shapes. I don’t have a direction for exact color placement and I frankly don’t even dare if the squares in this next quilt are all the same size. I’m probably going to “cut by eye” instead of with a ruler. I like that look and I like that method of cutting. We’ll see if I freak out.

And on the studio front – it takes a bit of money to get the studio together. I need a table and I need it quick. I even thought about using an old door I have in the basement – I have several old doors in the basement. I would only need legs and a way to attach those legs. I’m thinking I might be able to do that. I thought I had a handyman who would help, but I called him today and he was strangely unhelpful. I think it might be because I wouldn’t sell him one of my Veg Trugs from my yard. Now seriously, there was no way I was doing that. He would have wanted to give me $50 and I paid $300 each. So no, I’m not selling any of them. And also, they’re mine. I wanted them, I bought them and I own them.

He was pretty rude about not taking on “small jobs.” But you know, I’ve had two landscapers come over to give me estimates on my yard and neither of them have frigging bothered to follow-up. Either they’re the laziest bunch of folk I’ve ever met or they have all the work they need. Whatever. I have to keep looking. It is so irritating though.

The most irritating thing is that I am not “handy” but I think I’m going to change that and change it fast. I can’t count on being able to hire anyone to do anything. I’m going to figure it out myself. I’m sure I can get some legs on a door and I can get the spindles in my back porch rails. And if I have to, I’m going to by a power trimmer you push and get the yard done. I can even get an electric shrub trimmer and get those done. Getting anyone to do anything here is as bad as PEI. Nobody wanted to do anything. ARGH.

Deep breathe. Back to the sewing room – cutting little squares. I will visualize faces on them as I do …….


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  1. Jennifer says:

    How do they survive???? Anyway, I’m going to ignore it. I don’t care if the bushes grow up and hide the house! A quilt with small pieces doesn’t take any longer than one with larger ones …… just more cutting out time! Take care, Jennifer

    Liked by 1 person

  2. atkokosplace says:

    I’ve never taken on a quilt with such small pieces. I’m not very good at it. Though I do have fun. I totally get no one wants to work…which is why I do most everything myself. My own landscaping and building and such. I wish I could count on help but sadly…no. Take care and happy Fall. Kokoโ€


  3. Jennifer says:

    So tiny? Are they small? Oh. I hadn’t noticed! Anyway I looked at saw horses and they’re all too short or too tall. Boyo said “Mom just buy a table.” And I said “Boyo, pay for it>” And he said OK. It’s usually better to just say OK around me!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Can’t you use wooden horses? Too low? Cheap and easy. I can’t believe you are going to cut the squares so tiny. OMG I would go insane. More power to you, that’s for sure. I can’t sew on a button, so I don’t have a clue. Looking forward to the updates.


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