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Poor Pluto. I’ve given her a bad rap these last few years ……. while she was sitting on my Sun, giving me all sorts of fits.

True, she is the roto-router planet of the Universe and I don’t mean Dwarf Planet. I mean PLANET. There is nothing dwarf about the effects Pluto will have on your life. It’s kind of like watching a large train coming at you while you’re stuck in a tunnel. There’s not a damn thing you can do. You can’t get out of the way – you can’t lay down and let her run over you. You just have to take it. For as long as Pluto wants you to.

She keeps bringing her need for you to change – moving over your Sun or Moon or what ever other planet she hits in your chart and then she backs up and does it again – three times. I’ve been through a Pluto/Sun conjunction since 2010. I sort of noticed that 2010 was a bad year. Funny, they didn’t get any better for about 3.5 years. And the little bugger has backed up yet again and is sitting within 7 degrees of my Sun today. But she’s not bothering me any longer.

I thought about this. What has changed? The only thing that’s changed is me. I had to change or not survive. I had to let the garbage in my life come to light, see the problems in my world and recognize them, changing not so much them as the way I react to them. I learned the lessons of Pluto/Minerva. Mostly I will admit, the hard way.

There’s a difference now. Life is calmer. Little things don’t make me crazy. I don’t care how much money I do or don’t have because it doesn’t make any difference. There’s nothing “tangible” that makes any difference in living – it’s the intangibles that do that.

I don’t fight the World – as my good friend David tells me not to. I always did before. I was always ready for a fight – either with a person or a government or any entity you want to name. I spent years in combat. I would have been an awesome general. They really should have put me in charge of the military in Iraq. Well, they actually should put me in charge of it now – I can still get up for that fight.

All the bomb lobbing I’ve done, the fights I’ve had, the wins and the losses – they just don’t impress me any longer. I’m not interested in them. I’m too busy. I think I’ve finally figured out that life is for living, not fighting. Accepting what is because it is exactly the best the Universe can give you at this very moment. And you all know how I feel about living in the moment. Where else can you live?

Or more specific, where the hell else would you WANT to live? I could go on and on about living in the moment (you’ve read those posts already). Instead I’ll just remind you to put your attention on what you’re doing right now. And leave it there.

Creating a life …….. living in the moment ……… surrendering the fight. Gratitude. Acceptance. Love. All brought to me by Pluto while shaking me to my core.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve pretty much dropped out too! Love it here. Much better.


  2. Hard stuff to do. Stop fighting…hard…really, really hard. Was born doing it. I think it might be who I am, although I’m better at letting some things go…but only because I’ve pretty much dropped out of life. 🙂 I’m happy for you.


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