Happy Days

Six images that combine Chandra data with those from other telescopes.There was that old TV program of that name – way back when. I remember it most of all because the name of the family in the show was the same as ours. I think I watched it, but not with as much excitement as I watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show. You know, I just loved the idea of growing up and living in a big city on my own. Preferably New York City.

So what’s this about happy days? Well, mine are happy. Not excited, buoyed up, ridiculously happy, but yet happy.

I spent this morning running around, as usual. I got the errands done and came home and started sorting through my yards and yards of fabric – fabric that I made. What a luscious happy thing that is. When I finish this quilt, it will be me from the white cloth up. Nothing done by anyone else, just me.

It will be my art, my style, myself peeking out from that piece of art with no one else, no quilt fabric manufacturing company, nobody else’s pattern, no pattern at all. It will be me.

I ironed lots of fabric and rinsed the one left over from yesterday’s dyeing batch. I hadn’t dyed for about two weeks, since I’ve been playing with my pastels. I decided it was time to mix some colors. I dyed with Dark Marine, Dragon Fruit, Thistle Blossom, Sweet Pea, Lime Squeeze and Parakeet – which is a lovely turquoise-green.

I have my likes and dislikes with the pre-mixed dyes. I found I do not like Sweet Pea, she’s just an old-fashioned dull lavender, but I love Dragon Fruit which is a wild fuchsia and Thistle Blossom comes in as a close second, but still purplish. The blues? I haven’t met a blue I don’t like. Ever.

To punch up this quilt, I needed some yellow. I had pleated and rubber banded the yard I dyed with Dragon Fruit and Sweet Pea. When I saw how Sweet Pea looked when I poured it on, I quickly dumped all the Dragon Fruit over it. Yesterday I rinsed them all and found a lot of white area in the Dragon Fruit one. It had been pleated and then rubber banded. So rather than finish washing and drying it, I just rewet it and poured Lemon Yellow all over it. It’s in the dryer now and it is this fantastic combination of orange and yellow which will smack you in the face up against the Dark Marine and the other blues I’m using. And then ……..

I pulled out some of the other fabric I’d dyed back in August and chose a Dragon Fruit/Lime Squeeze piece with Goldfinch in spots. I also pulled out the marvelous purple with the blue and green ……..

And then I sat and looked at them. I know what I want to do but it’s getting that picture in my head into fabric. Time for the notebook and pencils to come out and for me to spend time plotting. I tend to jump in with both feet first and then look at it and decide if my mind vision is showing up. I have to slow down, plan it, see how it looks on paper – and then cut.

I’ll be back up there in an hour or so ……. playing with my fabric. Happy as a pig in you-know-what. Happy. Nice word, that.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    And you should see how ugly it is! Oh well, sometimes I buy stuff just for the name ……….


  2. I couldn’t possibly tell you haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Denise says:

    I like all of those dye names, except funnily sweet pea. Definitely the name even sounds old fashioned.


  4. Jennifer says:

    How much do you love not teaching full time???????


  5. Ooh that sounds exciting!


  6. Jennifer says:

    I’d say! I love doing this – I started in the 80s and loved it – then I only dyed in the washing machine. Now it’s in little teeny containers to make the fabrics all different and scrunchy. Now to get a quilt out of it!


  7. Glad to see you’re doing well! The only time I’ve ever dyed fabric was during the 90’s when the tye-dye phase was popular… Perhaps it’s something I need to check out?


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