Me and Mommy Human

IMG_0177Mommy Human and I had to have a serious discussion today. Every afternoon lately she’s been taking a nap in MY BED. See, I get all nice and tucked in under the quilt, on what she calls “her pillow” and she comes along and pulls the quilt off of me!!!!!!!!!!!! She almost dumped me on the floor this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

I let her have it. This has been going on too many times. She’s got to learn that if I am already in MY BED she has to sleep on the other side or something. No, Mommy Human is not Boss, no matter what SHE thinks. I am BOSS.

I let her know with a really loud MEOW that she cannot keep doing this. We are going to have to see about getting her one of those air-beds or something. I need the king-size bed so I can move all over and stretch out. She can sleep anywhere. And why does she need to nap anyway????? She’s just getting lazy. Humans aren’t like us, they don’t need to sleep 22 hours a day and then run around driving everybody crazy for two hours. No. She hardly does anything all day except stir funny pots and play with sticks and open an odd can of cat food or two. Nothing that should make anybody tired.

Just to show her, once she got out of MY BED, I went back in it. I’m there now, under the quilt. I’m staying in one spot the rest of the night and she’d better not try to dump me on the floor again. Does she forget that she never had me declawed??????????? I don’t think she’s forgotten that. I won’t let her.

Signed, Maggie the Magnificent


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh those pointy bits will get you! I went for my little nap today and there she was – on my pillow. For some reason I have to talk to her quite a bit before she will move. Since she hates being held, if I try to pick her up, she will leave! So funny! She crawled right back into bed under the quilt and right behind my knees. This will be the way I will sleep all winter …….. love that cat!

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  2. My cat MacKenzie, who is also a boss cat, just waits for me to fall asleep and then settles in to sleep on the pillow on top of my hair. Ouch! He throws out a couple of purrs to make this seem reasonable. If I protest the pointy bits appear.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! I think. She is a meanie, but I adore her. I just bought some yarn in “her” color – it’s called Old Money! I looked at it and looked at her and went oh, that’s why I like that!!!


  4. Denise says:

    Your cat is such a beautiful colour, as her eyes! Must go hand in hand with living in a house full of colour.


  5. Jennifer says:

    LOL LOL LOL glad u get my side MM


  6. Well, MM I see your point, all of them. Maybe you can talk to Ben and have him pick up an air mattress next time he’s out. Makes sense to me, but don’t tell your mom I’m siding with you, okay? She might draw a funny picture of you clawing me to death on one of her quilts, so, shhhhh.


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