Sunrise Sunset

Spectacular-Cadillac-SunriseUp with the birds this morning. It’s a special, special day. Another Instant Gratification in The Plucky Knitter’s Etsy Shop happens twice today.

The big Shindig was last weekend and everything left over is being sold to us sad little Pluckies who couldn’t go. We even had our own thread in the forums “We’re There in Spirit” and everyone there posted photos on the forums and on Instagram. We had a virtual party. Us homeys spent the time alternately sobbing about not being there and laughing with each other. We had snacks, knitting projects to work on, binge TV watching. I chose Downton Abbey and Sherlock to binge watch …….. it made the time go by.

We haven’t had an update for almost a month so today will be special. And then there’s a normal update on Sunday night and Monday morning …… provided there’s any money left for normal update buying!

We could use Faith Hill and her NFL performance to set us up for Plucky today. Although we really don’t need anything ……. we’re all sitting here waiting for 9 am to come and the fun to begin. And we have to be careful …… put something in the cart, check out, rinse and repeat. Cart-jacking happens if we don’t check out FAST. It’s an adrenaline rush of yarn buying. Nobody ever told me yarn buying could even approach this much fun.

This is so much fun – and the yarn is the absolute best in quality and color that can be found in the whole entire World, that I have put the rest of my yarn stash up for sale on Ravelry (ย so I can just turn it around for more Plucky Knitter yarn!!!!!!!

And then there’s the other stuff I’m doing. My Sennelier oil pastels are everything and more that I expected. I have worked on two pieces so far and may still enhance them. I love working with these pastels, adore the complete color collection I have and envision all of the works I will create with them. I haven’t dyed fabric for a week or so …….. that will happen when so much else isn’t going on. I purchase more PFD fabric fromย http://www.dharmatrading.comย along with more dyes. I’m going to mix my own colors so I’m getting the main primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The fabric I purchased was the mercerized cotton broadcloth in the 60″ width. This fabric is just as wonderful as the Robert Kaufmann Patina I originally purchased from another place and much much cheaper. Since I tore through the first 15 yards in about two weeks, cheaper is probably a good idea. As long as it isn’t cheap fabric and this isn’t. The thread count is high and the fabric has a lovely hand.

I still hanker after that Juki quilting machine with one stitch, semi-industrial, all metal construction that will allow me to machine quilt with ease. For wall hangings I love machine quilting. However until it arrives, I can quite happily hand quilt or do it on my other machine. I can’t wait to have quilts back on my walls again ………

And when the sun sets tonight, there’s another IG on Etsy with the Plucky Knitter ……… for those who can’t be with us in the morning. And for those of us who want to go back, buy more and participate in the most fun experience we’ve had in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gracious me, life is good!



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh I did. I think we’re set for fingerless mitts and hats and scarves for now. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„


  2. Gorgeous picture. Have fun and get all the yarn you want. Yarn is life for you, right now and just go for it.


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