Noticing that there was very little variety in the cupboard this morning, I quickly dressed and headed off to the grocery store to forage for food. After preparing a list for two hours ……. I must be prepared.

One of the items not on my list was this gorgeous huge cabbage grown on a local farm. Our store has “farm stands” and sells local produce all during the growing season. I love that store.

I saw this and had to have it. I think it was probably 5 lbs – sure felt like it! Of course then I had to get some organic red potatoes to go with it ……. I ask you, what is Bubble and Squeak without potatoes and onions? Stirred fried cabbage!

I’ve been making this treat for us ever since we first went vegetarian. We love it and unfortunately no matter how much I cook there’s never any left over. It’s good left over. The original years back was made with lard. Well, I don’t do lard. Nobody should do lard. It’s animal fat through and through and you just look at it and it clogs up your arteries, your kidneys and every other organ it hits. Leave it alone.

I begin by boiling both the potatoes and the cabbage early in the day and then letting them get very very cold. I don’t boil the cabbage long – I want it to still be nice and green and fresh looking. Overcooked cabbage is bad.

When supper time comes, I’m ready to plop everything into the skillet with some olive oil, a little corn oil, a whole chopped onion (use two if you want). Then I “Walk Away From the Skillet.” I leave it for at least 10 minutes before I start messing with it, longer if it’s not starting to burn or anything. Since I use a stainless steel skillet, I do have to watch it.

You can tell it’s done when the potatoes have turned golden crispy, the cabbage is light green and everything smells like heaven. My son has been known to slap ketchup on this and my late husband loved it with gravy!!!! He loved anything with gravy ………..

Easy supper. Once again ……..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I know! I can hardly stand the taste of ketchup. What do they put in that stuff????


  2. Jennifer says:

    LOL it would be great but I don’t have the TIME!


  3. You need to open a diner. Really, a place where people can eat and knit for a bit. You would be successful.


  4. makes my mouth water but gravy never ketchup


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