Nobody told the weathah that it’s the last day of summer. Nobody. Right now, at 12:01 pm, it is 86. It will be hotter in a couple of hours ……….

I’m always grateful for A/C after living in a few homes without it. Like our home on PEI. Who would think you’d need air conditioning on an Island that is practically a god-forsaken lump of ice for 7 out of 12 months. But that one month …… or more …….. will kill you. I waited until my husband had to have surgery (which kept him out of my hair) and went to the hardware store and bought two window air conditioners. We put them in the windows before he got home. Loved it.

Here – I have my mini split heat pump …….. it’s pumping cold today. See I can knit in all kinds of weathah.

Since it’s Labor Day, I wound a ball of yarn. Then I noticed the bookshelves were about to collapse from the dust. I dusted them and then moved to the living room to do a bit of dusting. My son saw me and asked me if I’d spilled something – this will tell you how often he sees me dust.

Then I garnered Maggie’s ire and vacuumed. Little puss sneaks off the back of the chair and upstairs as soon as she can be sure that nasty big thing that makes noise will not suck her up. She fails to understand that it is sucking up dirt which is 99% her hair. If she didn’t leave it all over, the big scary thing could stay quiet. I could try brushing her but I don’t have enough health insurance for that.

I have depleted my Labor Day work requirements with the exception of tonight’s supper. We’re having homemade crab cakes, corn and lime custard cream with strawberries …….. should be good.

ETA: Memo to self. Never eat crab again. Ever.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It says hello to me all the time. I don’t even have duct work so I don’t know where it comes from!


  2. Maggie is the cause of the big sucking thing for sure:) She either won’t believe you or won’t care. I’m going with “won’t care.” Glad you have your A/C. Dust is Nature’s way of saying hello, I’m still here.


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