New Adventures All Over the Place

quai Voltaire
                                             quai Voltaire

I was on that street 18 years ago, shortly after my son’s 17th birthday. He has another one coming up on the 13th of this month. We are a lucky number 13 family ……… Dad was 13 years older than Mom, my husband 13 years older than me, two grandfathers and one great-uncle born on the 13th of various months ……… you get the picture.

I intend to be on that street again next April ……. shopping at Magasin Sennelier in the same place as Picasso and countless other artists. But until then, for his birthday, my son is giving me yet another gift, other than his presence which is gift enough. He is giving me the largest set of oil pastels available from Sennelier. So I can use them on fabric, of course. Who knows? I might start drawing on the walls ……

Lest it be thought that he will get nothing for his birthday, block that from your mind. He gets something for his birthday the entire year. I swear. And particularly in September he manages to squeeze every last dime he can from the budget (with me as chief enabler) to get what he wants. Since he is a graphic artist and he first got to use Sennelier oil pastels that we bought on site, now he is into digital art. Digital art takes software, hardware and for some reason, speakers. The speakers are thankfully mostly under control of headphones …… God they can listen to some crap at his age. Although he does play classical from time to time …… not often enough.

So in a few days ……….. I’ll be adding oil pastels to my repertoire as I continue to design surfaces …… any surface. And then I’ll experiment with setting them and praying to the gods I can stitch through them once they’re set. Of course there is that quilting machine coming in November …….. sigh.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    So you gonna come over and teach me how to draw? 🙂


  2. Oh yay! I have painted on my walls. Painted on the walls in my kids’ houses as well:) It’s fun. Do it. Congrats on your new paints.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m so excited you’d think it was my birthday! His work is amazing – he does 3d animation and is working on a game. He has a website but I don’t know the url! Is that awful? I watch them on Apple TV.


  4. Denise says:

    What a thing to look forward to. I liked reading about your son’s adventures in art. And now yours. Look forward to seeing the results.


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