So What Did I Do Today????


I read this book …… bits of it. I read a bit, practice it, read more, practice more ……..

I woke up early because Maggie decided to jump on the bed and squeak. She was running up and down the stairs and comes flying into the bedroom and jumps on the bed. Time to get up.

I felt like crap almost all the day – there’s some kind of barometric pressure stuff going on and I think we’ve got really high pollen or something. The temperatures have been in the low 90s or high 80s for a week.  I felt like I was coming down with a cold – which I will not do. I hate colds. Luckily I think it’s just pollen and pressure.

So I decided to dye again. I can’t stay away from the dye pot – I swear I can’t. This time I cut off 3 yards in one bunch, and two bunches of 1 yard each. The first 3 yard bunch went into trying to reproduce the one I muddied up with Wet Sands. I soaked it, sprinkled on liberal amounts of Robin’s Egg Blue, Terracotta and Goldfinch. Then I poured chemical water over that. I flipped the clumped up cloth over and sprinkled the other side and I lifted the clumps in the center and hit them with some RE Blue and Goldfinch. I smooshed (technical term) this down to get the dye to penetrate the layers.

The second bunch I twisted up and sprinkled with Sun Yellow, Orange Marmalade and Pagoda Red. I did the same thing, turning it over and sprinkling more after pouring chemical water on the front sprinkles to activate the dyes.

The third piece I twisted, rolled up and poured a mixture of Parakeet (greenish blue) over the cloth in order to immerse it. The dye was mixed up with the chemical water and salt so it would just be a dye bath, not a multi-colored dye bath.

I have about 6 yards of cloth ready to go plus the ones I’ve done today. I’m really into this, in case you can’t tell. Once I have my pallet complete, the cutting up and resewing will happen. I cannot wait.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Me too! Yesterday’s dyeing turned out beautifully-pics soon!


  2. You are a busy woman…I am so happy about that:)


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank god it went away …… just pollen and pressure I think. And heat although I’m not out in it. We have fog today ……..

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  4. Jennifer says:

    I do. I think it was pollen and the low pressure coming in. There’s some sort of disturbance cooking up in the Atlantic. Today I feel great and I can’t wait to check how the dye from yesterday went. And do more …….


  5. Denise says:

    Nice book cover. Sounds similar to the colours you have chosen. Hope you feel better today.


  6. omtatjuan3 says:

    Hey… I hope you are well.. Tell me you are…


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