This is one of those days when, although I have stopped, I feel like I’m still going …….

I spent the morning applying the second layer of dyes to the cloth I started on Saturday, rinsed out the cloth I dyed yesterday, spent god knows how much time looking at stuff on the computer, changed clothes (one has dye clothes and not dye clothes) and ate something.

I had about an hour of knitting time before I had to get ready and head out to the mall area for the haircut/color. I needed the color. My hair is short now and I love it. No muss no fuss no standing under a blow dryer for 1/2 an hour …….. it dries and it dries fast. It looks like this – I don’t, but my hair does:


Love my hair. Anyway that meant sitting still for 40 minutes or so and then BOOM I hit the grocery store. Needed milk and a few other things but mostly I needed something to eat that did not require the application of heat. It was 93 in the car when I left home and 94 when I came back …. before I put the air conditioner on full blast. In my mind, you cannot beat a cheese sandwich on a bun with watermelon and cantaloupe and chips. Not at all. Plus I NEEDED ice cream. Done. Haven’t eaten it yet since the cheese sandwich and fruit filled in a lot of holes.

Now I’m done for the day. Whew. Still flying though …… there’s another update for yarn tonight …… hmm. Might have something left to do.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I will get a picture next time I bother to put on make-up. Me without make-up not going live.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks – easier to blow dry too! I was so tired of 30 minutes of blow dry time and still having wet hair!

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  3. Denise says:

    Nice to have a new hair cut. Looks like a good choice from the pic – stylish.


  4. I wanna see you with your haircut. It’s so cute…show me!!!!!! Sounds like a perfect day.


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