Goings On


First, it’s hot. I think this is the first day this summer where the temperature has approached 90. Tomorrow it will be 92. I will want to stay inside, but must troop out to see Heather and get a haircut.

I thought about making banana bread today and changed my mind. I can’t imagine turning on the oven for an hour. Thank god I have a mini-split heat pump which thank you keeps my house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I love that thing.

I dyed yesterday. Read that again. I dyed. I did a low immersion dye process with several pieces of cloth. Will give you glamour shots soon. I love it all so I dyed more today – still low immersion but larger pieces. I cannot wait to see them.

My second sweater on the needles is about 10″ now and except that I have to keep alternating skeins and have more ends to weave in than I can stand and what the hell it takes forever. Still, the sweater will be lovely in all it’s multicolored glory.

My first sweater is awaiting attention. I can’t break away from the second to do the first yet. I have to hustle because Plucktober begins October 1 and I have yarn coming for that. Yes, Bohemian Blue Plucky Knitter Crewbie – the new kid on the block. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. There’s another update in the morning so I have to set my alarm. I’m going to snag a skein of CC Bloom (coral peach thing) to go with Paris is Always a Good Idea (vivid bright electric blue) to make another sweater. Sweater sweater sweater. I also need to get some socks done ……. and of course those fiber art pieces ………

Speaking of which, my soy wax crayons arrived along with the book Vibrant Color which now has me smitten with the concept of hot wax dyeing. I’m searching the second hand shops for a griddle. I got tons of plastic containers, mini loaf pans, spray bottles and a notebook to keep my dyeing notes organized at my favorite new haunt, The Christmas Tree Shop. I love that store. In fact, it’s right behind my hairdresser so I might just have to take a teensy detour on my way home. I need stamping thingies. Things I can put into hot wax and stamp onto fabric. Lots of things. I hear tell cookie cutters work, so would almost anything that makes a pattern. And I could use a couple or more textured placemats to put under my fabric to make textures with the crayons. Ah I am having fun.


So far I haven’t obliterated the kitchen with messes. I’m still working on my studio and hopefully by October, it will be functional.

Oh yeah ………. my chosen landscape fella came by Thursday. I mentioned “English Cottage” for the front yard and unfortunately I don’t have enough sun out there. Hmm. That didn’t occur to me. So we’re rethinking that to put with shade-loving plants. Given that I have a forest of hostas in the back, they get to go on a trip. I want color though so I’m flipping through my gardening books looking for inspiration. I am so pleased with the landscaper. I had no idea he did the front garden for my neighbor who has the most beautiful home on the block. No wonder I like that garden! And he was kind enough to say that the backyard will be fine with just a bit of “thrashing” and he has a team that loves doing it.

Since I cannot afford the time to take a nap today ……… I’m going to knit. And wonder about what’s for supper …….. something with wild blueberries I think ……..


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I made Breakfast Bread Pudding with homemade bread, milk, eggs teensy bit of sugar and vanilla. Then I made blueberry syrup. We ate it for supper and had it for breakfast the next morning. Wow. I’m doing that again.

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  2. Denise says:

    I so recognise that feeling, in my new warm flat, of being wary of turning the oven on! Blueberries does sound like a good bet.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Just wait! I have no idea how it happened but I have concentric circles on one piece …….. sort of like rays …. and another piece has stars ……. and there is some awesome sea stuff going on in another one …… god it’s good to be back.


  4. You’re having FULN! I’m sooooo glad. I can see why:) So many new and exciting things:) Sounds fabulous. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

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