Paldies, Inese, Paldies

Every now and again, I come across a blog that I must read from start to finish. Inese Poga’s blog at is one of those blogs. And when I saw that she has available, through Fine Art America, many of her lovely paintings, I had to get my first one – on a tote bag of course. I see many more coming to my home to hang on my walls and brighten my day.

Art Work by Inese Poga
Art Work by Inese Poga

It does not hurt that this very lovely lady is of the same nationality as my late husband. In fact, when I looked up how to translate thank you into Latvian, I was not surprised that it is paldies …… I have heard this word repeatedly spoken from my husband to his mother. Most all of the conversation was totally not-understandable for me and I often asked him to teach me how to speak – but I think this would have been an impossibility for both of us. We did both speak German, he much better than I because he lived there for a long time after World War II and me, not so good because it was my major in college! You would think I would have retained more …….. but I only retain in my head what I want to retain ………

This lovely bag has made itself at home, already stuffed with yarn, ready to travel wherever I want to take it …….. I can see my latest sweater in here for a trip to the beach for some beach knitting …… before it gets cold.

Paldies, Inese ……. I look so forward to more of your work gracing my home.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It sure does! They do a great job and it arrived very quickly.


  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    Thanks Jennifer! Oh, it does look good!


  3. Jennifer says:

    I love it so much! I first found her when someone had stolen a painting of her’s and put it on their blog! Since then I’ve followed her religiously – she might be visiting her Mom in Latvia right now. Such a lovely person.


  4. Really lovely things. Crazy about the exotic birds. Nice link. Your bag is beautiful.


  5. Excellent! I’ll check it out.


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