Maggie Thinking ………


I’m pretty sure she thinks. She does manage to make her wants known ……. like chicken for breakfast, fish for dinner. She’s the only one around here that eats things that used to be walking around. I think she wants me to get up so she can have my chair to sleep in. She didn’t get it.

Knitting has been going on and on. I started a new sweater with Mechita – remember that yarn I bought months ago and couldn’t decide what to do with it? Decided now.


It’s luscious and I can hardly stop knitting. I think it’s binge knitting at this point. I’m  still working on the pinky tomatoey gooey sweater ……. love it too. I have to take turns. And there’s a red, yellow and white sock on the needles too. In case I get bored.

I’ve finally decided on my purpose in life. This is for Gigi and I want to hear the screams all the way from Chicago to Maine:


Yes it is from scratch. Yes I did dirty about a thousand dishes. It is almond flavored. There were two. Now there is one full one and about 3″ of the first one left. It’s kind of a flat cream puff with almond vanilla icing with almonds on top. It may not live until tomorrow.

I’ve been slaving away cooking suppers too. My son informed me that he’s been “cooking” for the last 6 months. OK. He’s been reheating for the last 6 months. Hell, anybody can reheat.

So, knowing that I must step up to the plate – ahem – I first made Al Fredo with asparagus and Gardein not-chicken and imported parmesan and lots and lots of garlic. Over those cute little bow tie organic pasta. That took a few days to eat!

Then, as if I hadn’t slaved enough, tonight I threw (ahem) together my own version of Chili Mac using cubanelle peppers, onions, garlic (have to have garlic) tomato sauce, cheese, chili powder, cumin, penne and Morningstar Farms Grillers Crumbles. Son has now agreed that I cook, he reheats. He is very happy to eat actual food. So am I. But I am tired so thank god the food will last more than one meal.

And I’ve been busy plotting something else too – it involves water, color, wax, soda ash, salt and me wearing rubber gloves. It also involves 15 yards of the best PFD cotton I could find (afford) and I am super anxious for it to arrive along with my other toys so I can get to work. More on that and pictures of the sweater progress later.

I’ve also called a landscaper because if I don’t get those bushes in front of my house out of my life I will scream. I have no idea why anyone would first go buy such ugly flipping things and secondly plant them. I would have given them a miss at the garden center. They must have been on sale. My front yard is going to be way different …….. as in English Cottage Garden different by sometime next year. If I can afford it. I figure I can do it in stages – the front yard first and then the back. My backyard would put an Amazonian rainforest to shame. Seriously.

And then there’s an update on the Plucky blog tomorrow at noon. I’m so awash in colors I can’t even decide what I want. Here’s the sweater with the picture copyright YOTH Yarns.

Photo Credit Yoth Yarns

These projects will keep me busy for a while ……… if only I can decide on a color – Bohemian Blue, Morticia, Lonely Heart, Bespoke ……… Steelcut ……… it goes on and on! And since I’ve lost around 45 lbs in the last year ……… it’s gonna look good!

Until later – save ya a piece of pastry Gigi!




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  1. Jennifer says:

    I would have sent you some if we hadn’t eaten both of them in one day. I thought I’d have a piece in the morning but I got up and the brat had stuffed his face with all of it!!!!!!!!


  2. OMG!!!!!!!! DID YOU HEAR ME???? I KEEP TRYING TO REACH THROUGH THE SCREEN BUT…NOTHING! You are SOOOOOOO good. Thank you for this…so much fun. Sweater is gorgeous:) Love the yarn. Send food. 🙂


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