A Fluffy Bit of Texture


IMG_0041This lovely sweater is on the needles and it is a joy to knit – there will be some tricky things coming up soon, but for now, it’s smooth sailing. I’m  thrilled that such an easy stitch pattern give this neat poufy texture. The yarn is, of course, Plucky Knitter Crew, which is a 75% wool and 25% cotton yarn. I love the feel of it. I was a bit distressed when my order came because I didn’t much care for my color choice. The great thing about Plucky yarn is that there is always someone looking for just what you have – so I destashed it and bought this lovely Kicky from Shelly on the destash board. It’s hard buying yarn when you’re not sure what the color will look like, but I do know that there isn’t much I’m not going to like ………

Since I had this super cool yarn coming – and because my knitting bag was a $2 purchase from Goodwill that had seen much better days – I started looking for a bag to hold all my toys AND the multiple projects ongoing. I had a brain wave and remembered ordering these lovely custom boat and totes when I worked at LL Bean. The customers get to choose the color of every part of the tote – and the size. And they are sewn together right here in Maine. I got to work and, with the help of my color-savvy son, we picked out this combination:


Is this cool, or what? I was totally amazed when it came – I had no concept in my mind as to how large it was going to be. At 19 x 17 x 10 – it is huge. At first I thought it was too big – and I could have returned it, monogram and all – but it grew on me. And it isn’t too big – nothing is squished and everything is easy to find.

Since I knew I had this cool yarn and tote coming – I had to take some time out and make project bags. I was getting a little tired of zip-lock bags.


This is one of the two I made. More are planned and they take about 1/2 an hour. So nice not to have baggies – although they do still house my stash!

And then, what with the cool yarn, the tote and the project bags – I needed a place to store the old knitting notions – which are all teeny or else long and skinny or just plain a mess if you put them in a pocket and start digging for them. So ——- I found these at Namaste, Inc., the maker of awesome knitting bags – of course I needed one in every color.


Sigh. Now everything is accessible, the project is stored in beauty, the whole shebang is in this kicker of a tote …… and I’m all organized and ready to knit!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    My Poppies tote bag is on the way! I am SO EXCITED!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! I love your flower tote and it’s on my shopping list!


  3. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    You are such a master! I loved the tote, too!


  4. Jennifer says:

    It’s Kicky from The Plucky Knitter. Golly it feels good – has 25% cotton. With the cotton content the dye makes the yarn look faded in a good way – more is on my wish list. I looked at buying project bags and then said heck go to the sewing room! I do love the two I made and am going to make more. I put a channel on the outside of the yellow one for the drawstring. Next time I think I’m going to put a buttonhole in and just make a channel from the folded over bit. Need more fabric! 🙂

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  5. suth2 says:

    That should say after not acter! Oops


  6. suth2 says:

    You would think that acter all my years of knitting I would have a bag for my projects but I don’t. Now I have seen yours I will need to do something about it. Yours looks ideal.
    I love the colour of the yarn you are working with.



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  8. Jennifer says:

    Nice in the winter! I have to have air conditioning even though this place is cold in the winter – at least in the summer I can still knit!


  9. Jennifer says:

    Now I know why we didn’t recommend ordering an extra large tote with shoulder straps!


  10. Love the color of the yarn and love your bag. Doesn’t look big at all, you’re right:) Enjoy.


  11. Denise says:

    My new home is very very warm I am discovering this summer! No sweaters needed here. But that is fine because I can open all the windows. It’s just luxury compared with a draughty country house.

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  12. Jennifer says:

    I think the feel is the best part! This is much thicker than my last sweater so it won’t take as long. I think! Hope you’re loving your new home!


  13. Denise says:

    I don’t think you’ve often mentioned the feel of the yarn as you knit. Enjoy!


  14. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful description! How are you Indrajit? It’s been a while since both of us have been posting. I’ve been knitting and planning and just generally enjoying life. Blessings.


  15. i love knitters because they write poetry with a twitch of their fingers


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