Done ……. Starting Another One



Pretty cool. Took me exactly a month, knitting almost every day. Might have been every day? I don’t know ……..

I used Single from The Plucky Knitter in her special color ways dyed for Churchmouse  Yarns and Teas. I used Mighty Madrona and Ferry Schedule – which looks so cool with jeans! I’m super grateful to June, who was feeling the need to let some yarn go so I could get enough of the Mighty Madrona!

I’ll be making this again ……. check out my Ravelry project page for all the details of what I did. It was quite a detour from the pattern …….. happy I could ad lib and get it the way I wanted it!

Spent some time this morning winding up Kicky (The Plucky Knitter Crew) that I was also lucky enough to get from Shelly on destash (because the color I bought I didn’t like). I put mine on destash and it was gone in two minutes flat. Thank. God. I’m excited to start my pink Laurie and even more excited to wear it —– power knitting here we come.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    🙂 I like it! Sometimes things don’t turn out the way I want them too, but this one did. And I’ve got at least two more planned. I bought some drop-dead gorgeous deep dried rosie color which should be here Monday. However, it won’t get on the needles until my hot pink boat neck textured sweater is done. I’m so glad I learned how to knit! Keeps me off the streets!


  2. OMG I can’t believe how gorgeous it is. I was wondering where you were, now I know. It’s truly beautiful. I know I could NEVER do anything like that. Congratulations and WOW!!!!!! FANTASTIC.


  3. Jennifer says:

    It would be – however I keep visualizing the sweater over skinny jeans ……… decisions, decisions.


  4. Denise says:

    Do you think smaller is quicker to knit?


  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! Yes it amazed me too – I can crank out socks quickly and I tried to figure out how someone makes a sweater so fast (some do it in a week?) I decided I just had to sit and knit and it would get done. My next one has lots of great texture and is a deep rosy pink …… fought with cable cast on last night so today I can start the sweater. Still pondering size though – way big or not way big? That is the question stumping me now!


  6. Jennifer says:

    I love Ravello! It’s one of those I need to make, eventually!

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  7. soknitsome says:

    It’s lovely – the stripes remind me a bit of Ravello!


  8. Denise says:

    I think that is a lovely dye in the colour. Especially the different tones in the blue. amazing that you knitted a whole jumper so quickly!


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