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One day, while I was searching through Ravelry’s pattern database (which can drive you absolutely crazy because there are several hundred thousand patterns there) I chanced across a tee shirt that I wanted to knit. This is strange for me – I do socks. I don’t usually find a sweater/tee that suits all my criteria, i.e. easy enough to knit in my sleep and still looks good. And I almost forgot, it has to fit.

I did a lot of shopping during the last weekend’s anniversary update from The Plucky Knitter. It took me 4 days to figure out what I wanted to get and I didn’t actually make up my mind until right before the sale went live. But even so ………. I wasn’t only looking at Plucky Knitter yarn. Two of the projects listed under the tee pattern used a combination of ITO yarns. Even just looking at the pictures on my laptop screen, I could tell that this was the fabric I wanted. So then began the search for the yarn.

I had purchased yarn from the UK in April and I found that they had the yarns I was looking to purchase. I didn’t hesitate on that yarn at all. Before you could sneeze, I had it in my cart and I was all checked out. A bonus – they had the needles I wanted to so it will all arrive in a nice package ready for me to go to work. Someday. Soon. I hope.

I was sort of hoping it would be here today but, no. I continue to wait. Impatiently, of course, the way I do everything that involves waiting.

I did receive some gorgeous Plucky Knitter Single that a very nice Plucky person wanted to destash. That’s here. Unfortunately, the needles I need are not. I could use the 4.5mm that I have, but it’s wood and the point is not pointy and I like pointy points so I will just have to wait. Besides, I don’t really want that on the needles because I am going to want to concentrate on the ITO project.

The yarns I purchased were Gima (cotton) and Washi (paper wrapped viscose). Way back in the day, thousands of years ago, I made fiber art for competition. I traveled all over the state of Michigan looking for Japanese fabrics ……… the Japanese have always been innovative with their textiles and the beauty is like nothing we make here. There are lots of fabric companies who try to emulate Japanese fabrics, but nothing comes close. When I wanted something spectacular, it meant a trip to Ann Arbor or further. And now the innovation has hit yarn and I can’t wait to get my hands on it ………….. sigh. I’m just waiting.

Here’s an idea of what ITO looks like when knitted up. This is from http://www.kaleidoscope-shop.be and uses 8 different colors of ITO Gima 8.5. See why I want this?



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  1. suth2 says:

    Wow! As you say you were lucky they took returns. You didn’t waste your money.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer says:

    Live and learn! It would be nice if I could actually have seen it – luckily they take returns. And return it I did!


  3. suth2 says:

    That is disappointing.


  4. Jennifer says:

    It turned out to be not as nice as I thought. More like crochet thread than any kind of yarn. And the little packets were about 2″ x 2.5″ – nothing like the picture! I think we’ll be knitting with actual yarn here for a long time ……. I like fingering weight but string is beyond me at the moment! Unless I’m crocheting doilies ………


  5. suth2 says:

    That is really fine yarn. I hope you don’t have to wait too much more.


  6. Jennifer says:

    The Japanese know how to manufacture with SOUL! I am dying to see this in real life. I can force myself to conquer a pattern if I love the outcome.


  7. Oh wow! I can’t wait to see it finished. The yarn is beautiful and almost looks like paper strands. Going to be fabulous.


  8. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t wait to start it and see how it feels to knit it. Since they’re both lace weight yarns, I’ll hold them double. I’m going to love this!


  9. Denise says:

    Wow, that’s so delicate. The sort of knit I like!


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