Keeping Me Happy

IMG_0023 Twelve hundred and ninety yards of pure Plucky Knitter bliss just arrived at my door. It doesn’t look like it yet, but this is going to be a silk and merino tee for the summer …… once I figure out the stripes :). And I love the Plucky Knitter. I wish she’d come into my life a lot sooner. This came all the way from Churchmouse Yarn and Teas on Bainbridge Island in Washington to Maine in 4 days. On a holiday weekend. I love all those Churchmice that make life so interesting.

I’m so new to this knitting thing and to this Plucky Knitter yarn OBSESSION that stole upon me in the middle of the night …….. Sigh. I need more and more and more and more. I’m already planning for the next update ……. whenever it is. My son gave me the option of a spinning wheel or a gigantic yarn binge in July. I will have a mild yarn binge in June. And a mild needle binge. We do seem to need to eat around here. Sad.

On another note – I keep trying to stay happy. If not happy then at least not sad. But it is still hard. Only 6 months since my husband died and I still feel so abandoned, which makes no sense, but there it is. Knitting keeps me from screaming and crying and throwing things. Which upsets the cat, you know, so not doing those things is good.

I’ve got to live this life alone and the knitting needles permanently tied to my hands is helping. And those yarn splurges are going to help too, I just know it.


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  1. suth2 says:

    Absolutely love the colour combination. Can’ t wait to see the pattern you are going to use.
    Busy helps us cope and what better way to be busy than with knitting needles.

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  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I was sweating that but they look pretty good!


  3. I love the colors! They go very well together.


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