I Have Been Pluckyed


This is just a plain not-so plain vanilla sock. Thank god it’s the second of the pair ……. all washed and ready to go into the drawer. It’s heating up here so it might not get worn until the late fall, but it’ll be there when I need it.

Now about my new condition. My Plucky condition. I chanced upon a blog post by Susan B. Anderson and a giveaway for a shawl kit. That kit had yarn from The Plucky Knitter in it. I didn’t win. No surprise there. But, like everything Susan B. Anderson writes about – I had to have me some of that there yarn. Bad. You see, I have excellent taste. Except in men. Nobody would tell you I have great taste in men. However, men aside, I could almost be called a snob when it comes to quality. It’s a shame I was born without a trust fund, but then again I have to figure out how to afford my excellent taste and that keeps me busy. It’s okay.

I started looking at The Plucky Knitter stuff on Ravelry. I went to her website. I signed up for the newsletter ………. I missed one update on the 1st, not having the least little clue how to participate. I started finding out. And then there was an Instant Gratification Update that landed in my in box. Oh my. I think I can figure out the regular update procedure if I try hard enough, but the IG was somethin’. Whew. I haven’t had that much fun in years.

I have always resisted competitive yarn buying. I could not resist The Plucky Knitter. She has these fabulous base yarns and they are dyed up in her barn in Michigan. And although I was born in Illinois and lived there to the ripe old age of 29, when I think of home, I think Michigan.

So yesterday morning I set my alarm for 7 am, 7:15 am, 7:35 am …… I do not arise early in the morning any longer. I sleep like a dead thing. But yesterday I had my coffee in hand, the tabs up on my screen and my cat fed all before 8:30. I was ready to go.

I had my eyes on Plucky Feet, being a sock knitter. I knew it was going to be a rough haul and it was. I would put stuff in my cart and by the time I hit the check out button, something would be gone. I think I mistakenly didn’t buy some stuff because only one skein or so was out of stock, who knows? In the heat of the moment, I was all about paying for that yarn. I managed to get one skein of Feet, a mystery tasting of 3 skeins and then I went back for the evening update and got another skein of Trusty. There was a Mystery Spring Fever (that’s a scarf) group of 8 skeins that  went up. It was $230. I looked at it forever. I resisted. I was crushed. I tried begging but children have no heart. Especially mine. Even on Mother’s Day week he didn’t think $230 worth of yarn sight unseen was a great deal. I did.

I have also joined The Plucky Knitter group on Ravelry and I check the destash discussion every hour or so. I will have more Plucky. I have several patterns in  mind and I am forestalling any yarn purchases until the next update ………. sometime this month. I will haunt the destash board too.

Wasn’t it the Borg who said resistance is futile? Let’s apply that to the quest for yarn, yarn and more yarn ……….. The Plucky Knitter yarn in particular.


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