There’s A Reason I Knit Socks ……….



There is a reason I knit socks. It’s because they don’t take forever, you don’t have to knit 18 inches of stockinette and I can wear them. Sad to say, I’m not much for wearing wool sweaters – never being a super-cold person and if I get cold I just put on layers. Sigh.

This is the last sock for my son in the Madelinetosh Sock Blue Nile color way he chose. They are super squishy and nice. I love my Tosh socks ……. and I have 4 more skeins of Tosh to knit.

Saturday I cast on my sweater, joined it to knit in the round (the blasted thing was 81 inches – a big over-sized sweater) only when I  joined it – I twisted the stitches and didn’t figure that out until 9 rows were done. I am not in the mood to cast it on again. I will not wear a sweater that is 81″ wide. I will not wear a wool sweater. I wore the one I finished just after my husband died today to go out. I was extremely warm and it isn’t warm in Maine yet. So now I sit and stare at that yarn and I have no idea what to make from it. I think I will have to let it hibernate for a while until something grabs me. I could make a cardigan – and I could make socks from the yarn. We all know I like making socks. And we wear them ………..


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  1. Thanks my lovely!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Suzi! I’m fine – truly feeling more myself! I hope your new adventures are going well …….. keep it up!

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  3. Just thought I would send you a message to say hi as we haven’t spoken in a while… Hope you’re doing ok!


  4. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful color:) Good luck with the sweater.

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  5. Jennifer says:

    I’m going to let that yarn sit and stew. It will tell me what it wants to be, I hope.


  6. Denise says:

    You always choose pretty wool for the socks, and we get to see a different variety of them too. And I guess there’s less of a risk of making a big over size sock by mistake. Just the idea of doing all that knitting for an 81″ sweater is impressive to me though.


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