Fly Over

meairguard 3 KB.jpg

I live in a town with a National Guard base. It’s the Air National Guard and when they fly, they fly. They fly re-fueling planes out of Bangor and other large aircraft too, I think. I only know that when they rev up their engines for take-off, it is loud. And I’m miles away from the airport. They must be training this week. Last night, late, a huge plane revved up and took off. I swear the glass in my windows rattled.

Today some big jet of some kind, which could have been commercial, went flying over my house. It sounded like the roar of doom. I don’t know if it was a military plane or just had a differing flight path than normal. When we looked at houses, we stayed away from those in the direct path into the airport. At one place we were looking, I  was standing outside (I didn’t like the house at all but my husband was checking it all out) and a passenger jet from overseas came in for a landing. I could have shaken hands with the people on board, I swear. There was no way I was living there.

Other than listening to large planes land and take off, I’ve been rolling yarn into a ball. I don’t have a ball winder and a swift, nor am I liable to get them. I have a chair and my hands. It works out but just takes me longer. I’m really good at winding balls of yarn now. I wound one ball this morning and poof that’s it for me. I find I’m in the middle of spring fever and I need something new to get stuck into. But who can settle? Not me.

We’re melting like crazy here – I’m so pleased because now I’m not freezing to death inside. Since it’s warm out, my heat pump is putting all sorts of nice warm air into the house. And I’m loving it because it’s so much cheaper than oil. Let the season of mud begin.

Spring cleaning may have to happen, but let’s face it – it isn’t the most fun thing to do when you’re antsy. I found years ago that I clean really well when I’m pissed. Well, shoot. I’m not pissed anymore ……. so the interest in cleaning is like nah. I’ll have to think of something that really pissed me off so I can get in the mood. I can handle that – piece of cake.

I have some knitting books coming my way and I can’t wait to read them. And look at the pictures! And think about whether or not I’m ready to tackle something different. I think I can do stranded color work and these books will give me the directions. Plus they’re full of projects that won’t take forever and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Since I don’t have spare arms and legs ………… And I need to decide if I’m going to get a different needle for my sweater or if I’m going to knit it on the circular needles  I have. I have been spoiled by Signature Needle Arts needles and I use them all the time for socks. I have two circular needles by the company and they make knitting so much easier. Someone said it’s like  knitting with a piece of jewelry – so true!

Ok times up. Time to get back to these gorgeous socks –




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ha! Yes they are very dear, aren’t they? But once I got hold of that stiletto tip, I was sunk! And the cords don’t curl up either on the circular ones …….

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  2. suth2 says:

    I love your description of knitting with those “jewel type” knitting needles.


  3. Jennifer says:

    It’s gloomy here again, yet and still. But it is warmer. Bah humbug make winter go away!


  4. What a beautiful blue! Wow. We are still freezing. It was 15 degrees all day, with the wind chill factor. It’s crazy. Can stand it.


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