One Done, One To Go


Taking a photo at night doesn’t give you the best idea of what this sock looks like. It’s much darker than in the picture, but I had to kill the flash and turn on the overhead light just to get a photo that wasn’t washed out pink. My photo-editing software is out of commission for a bit.

You can tell this is one big sock. They’re for my son – somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of one for him, one for me, one for him, etc. I don’t know how I fell into that. I gave him a pair and all he could do was rave about them and now he wants no other socks but ones I make.

Today, being the day of big relief, I got my phone live again. It has been pure torture living without my iPhone. It just didn’t make sense no more than what I actually use it. And it helped keep the wolf at bay while the government decided I was alive. As I said, whew.

I have one more red sock to knit ……. and I understand second sock syndrome a lot. It isn’t that I don’t want to finish a pair, it’s just that I want to see how the next yarn is going to look … so I’ll rush that second red sock out and get on to my next pair …….

For you sock knitters, this is the Regia Colormania in the color way Fiesta. I saw it in the color way Night on Susan B. Anderson’s blog and had to have it. When I found the red – I had to have that too.

For my son I just knit the sock with the same pattern only on a US 1.5 instead of a 1. That gives him all the room he needs. I’ve only had one pair of socks be too big for him and I think that was the yarn. And I love both my Signature Needle Arts sock needles and the Knitter’s Pride sock needle set I received for Christmas. Both brands of needles are great although I do usually reach for my Signature needles first.

I’m sitting here in my nice, warm house, getting ready to put a few more inches on sock number two. And then I get to decide on my next pair.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I wish I could do color work! Or anything other than stockinette ….. someday I hope to get really good at knitting …… socks are one thing, sweaters very much another!


  2. suth2 says:

    Your socks are a work of art. I remember when you made your first pair. Wow you sure are the expert now at sock making. I don’t have the patience for sock making. I have only made a few pair in my life. Heather


  3. Jennifer says:

    No baking lately. I did do some spinach puff stuff but I didn’t like the filling! Try again ….. I am better. They finally decided I could be paid after only 10 weeks ……. jeeez. So I’m not panicking anymore. For now.


  4. Yay for socks. You sound better:) Winter will HAVE to leave sooner or later, right???? Your socks are fabulous…are you baking anything wonderful? Take a picture:)


  5. ainemosh says:

    It’s wonderful! I wish I was crafty 🙂

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  6. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I love this yarn ….

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ainemosh says:

    Too cute! Love it 🙂


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