Ah-yuh That’s Enough


I can absolutely and with certainty say that I have had enough winter. We have piles of winter sitting on the sides of the roads. I have huge piles of winter in my driveway. The temperature hasn’t been over 12 degrees in so long I wouldn’t know how to act if it warmed up to 13.

Today, after having been in the house for what seems like a month, I decided to get out. Well, the lack of cigarettes decided me to get out. First, I had to put the tags on my license plates. Thankfully I remembered that because I expired the last day of January. The policeman would not have understood.

The wind chill was around -20. The instructions said “If it is cold out, warm the tags in your hand before peeling them from the sheet.” Ha. Well, since my hands were blocks of ice INSIDE my gloves, I had to do some wicked rubbing on those blasted tags. They’re on the car now. Until next February when I will go through the same process. Paying, rubbing, sticking ……..

I then had to clean off the car. This was after walking in a 12″ wide path from my back steps out to said car. Check, car cleaned off. The back of the driveway was cleared earlier by my son. If only he’d clear the front part more? No, beggars cannot be bossy. So I say nothing.

Everything was okay until I had to turn left at the squirrely little turn from Center Street onto Broadway. I started to slide. Whoops. I put the transmission in 3. Whew. I didn’t hit anything. The roads are not cleaned off. Well, they are cleaned off but the snow has just been packed down like an ice rink would be. Driving is a challenge. I salute whoever invented 4WD.

I get to the store. I get what we need. I can’t find my keys. After 10 minutes of panic, I find them in the wrong place. We’re good. Back home. Somebody is tailgating me on Center. I slow down so he can squirm more. I feel powerful making him squirm. Sigh. Such a good feeling.

I pull back into the driveway which I can barely see over the 7 foot drifts the City has placed at the curb. I carry in one small bag and tell my son that there’s more in the car. I’ve been home now for 8 hours and I’m still tired.

I look at the weather forecast. Seems between now and Friday we’re going to get 10 more inches of snow. That’ll look good on top of the 4+ feet we already have.

If I can take it, we’re out to the store tomorrow. Unless I decide we can eat what we have and just put up with it. Who knows ……… survival in the great white north …………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Another Nor’Easter and one coming again on Wednesday. I think I’m going to scream from lack of seeing anything but white. And it’s bitter cold. Ah losing my husband was bad, losing him in winter worse and then we have social security ……. they cut off his income with the push of a button and I had to wait 30 days to apply for my benefits and 30 days for them to start. I’m not sure I’m going to survive that. Ah do they care? No.


  2. We had 21.5 inches. It’s melting but the sides of my now narrow driveway will take a long time to disappear. Now the cold is back, big time. What’s new with you?????? Hope things are a bit better. It’s a weird thing, for sure, when someone disappears completely. Well, my friend, I’m thinking about you and wishing you well. Hugs on sweet kitty. Hope your son is doing okay. ❤


  3. Jennifer says:

    The winter certainly seems longer than it should be! Yes, I’m back to my birth name – it was stupid really to change. I’m not sure we’re warmer inside! We have another “multi-day” winter event on the way. Since I can hardly get out of my house, I’m not looking forward to it!


  4. I notice you are back from Rachel to Jennifer – Here in a Jaipur winter its just 16 degrees C and i feel frozen – your minus 20 i would never survive – here of course being a warm land we have no internal heating so feels cold – you may be warmer in your heated home – hope alls well now just the two of you -you and your son.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely! Plus no milk in the house and cat food – Maggie gets mad when she can’t have her favorite food.


  6. suth2 says:

    You are brave to drive when the street are so icy. I guess your need for cigarettes is the motivation.:-)


  7. Jennifer says:

    And why oh why do we live in the north???????


  8. I couldn’t agree more!!!! It’s like all the previous winters are bumping into each other with a few days of nice weather in between. It seems to always be winter.


  9. Jennifer says:

    I swear I looked outside last night and everything was solid white. I am so beyond snow and winter! I’m even getting sick of knitting. Ah for spring, summer, anything normal.


  10. It sucks. The plows just went by again (I’m grateful) so I won’t be able to crash through the snow at the bottom of the driveway again. My driveway is already one car width, because there was just too much snow to put the rest of it anywhere. We had a great winter, snow wise, until a few days ago and now She’s going crazy. I’m so sick of winter sucking the life out of everyone and everything all the time. I would like to go away to a beach every year, from now on, that’s for sure. Just from November to April. Although, three years ago we went to Tampa for Xmas. First time we were gone over the holiday and it was weird beyond belief. Walking on the beach in the most beautiful wether, ever, but it was Christmas and really, really weird. Hope spring comes early, or at all, like this weekend. So nice to hear from you Rachel. Please come back more often. Happy knitting.


  11. Jennifer says:

    Oh I would love to be in Florida!


  12. I love snow. I see pictures like this and it’s like that scene from Fargo. “And it’s a beautiful day.” But I really hate having to drive it in and scraping the car off. (<—Floridian who spent some time in Vermont.)


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