Waiting …………


I have an appointment in about an hour ………. lord I hate waiting around. I can’t start anything so you will be inflicted with my musings, just a warning.

I’ve hit a sock block. Not a second sock syndrome – just a why the hell did you do that syndrome. Last night I noticed some sort of boo in my sock I was working on. Being talented, I tried to fix it. My frustration caught up with me and I decided to RIP IT so I have to start over. Duh. Another problem – I have so much sock yarn I don’t know which end is up. Normally this would not be a problem but my new sweater is just waiting for me to come touch and love it and knit it so I think this is the problem. I want to do the sweater, not the socks. Hey guess what? I’m going to do the damn sweater!

I did highlight my hair this morning. I’d colored it a couple of days ago but my schedule made it impossible to do the highlighting until today. Turned out way cool. I have an under color of a coppery red and lighter copper highlights. Since my hair is all over very dark – the red is a dark brown/red. Love it.

Every joint in my body aches because we have all of this damp weather. Yoga for me this afternoon to stretch this old body out. I hope I don’t break anything.

I bought two mixed media sketchbooks with which to use my watercolor pencils I have had forever. Once I get inspired ……..

I dug out the quilt top and am going to work on it tonight in place of knitting. Just me, the top and a needle and thread – and oh yeah, a thimble. I need a new quilt for my bed so this top now has a purpose in life.

I’ve decided I AM going to get my spinning wheel for my birthday. I’m so nuts about yarn and yarny things that spinning is something I must do. Plus hey I live in Maine – we do everything here.

The first wheel I had was a beginner’s wheel which frankly was a POS. I sold it. I am getting this one.

majacraft aura

Majacraft Aura. It must come home to me. I am in spinning wheel love. Wish it weren’t way over the top price wise, but hey I may not live long enough to spend all of my money so I’m not saving any ………….. but come January I’d better have enough.

Then I will need fiber but I have lots of sources for that. Then I will dye it – no problem – cabinet full of dye. I’m going to get all the accessories I need with the wheel this time. The other one was cheap, but everything else you needed was as much as the wheel! Horrors.

Doing a vegetarian meal tonight – Cream of  Cauliflower Soup from Laurel’s Kitchen. I’m going to make some biscuits to go along with it. I do these killer biscuits with cheese and Old Bay that make you want to eat a dozen all by yourself. Sounds like a grand dinner for a blah rainy day ……….

Time is not moving faster……….. think I’ll go to the kitchen and graze ………. MOO


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I want that wheel THIS bad. I can’t wait to spin again on something that works! It was just a mammogram – which I hate doing but we all have to. I’m sure it’s okay ………..


  2. Wow, there is a LOT spinning around in your head at the moment. Talking of spinning, I hope you get the new wheel. And I hope you post pictures of all the gorgeous yarn you dye and spin. Hope the appointment went well?


  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh it was – I love this yarn! It’s really soft and nice to knit with – not scratchy at all. The Brooklyn Tweed Loft I’m using is Targee wool and it’s pretty scratchy.


  4. suth2 says:

    Spinning, another of your many talents. You never cease to amaze me.
    Glad you are going to start your sweater. It was obviously calling out to be started


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