The Heavens Have Opened Their Spout


It has poured rain on us for two days now. It seems a shame when others are faced with drought that we have so much rain we’re under a flash flood watch.

I remember our last flash flood, one Saturday when I needed to get to the grocery store – no food in the house. I couldn’t drive down the road to the store as it was full of water and the police were blocking it off. I would have gone through it if I could.

Luckily, even though it rained horribly yesterday, I made my visit to DH. I have a couple of days until I need to go again, but today I have to go for the dreaded mammogram rain or shine. I hope we’re not in the middle of a torrential downpour when I need to leave.

Coming home yesterday, the rain was so heavy the drivers were doing 60 in a 70 MPH zone. You know it’s bad when Mainers go slower than the speed limit.

It’s been cool here too. After our miserable winter, we’re all looking forward to hot days, not these 70 degree things that are damp and useless for outdoor activities. Of course swimming in the ocean is a bad prospect at any time of the year unless you like temperatures 55 degrees or lower – pools are better because they can be heated. The Gulf of Maine doesn’t heat up that much …………

Two days of non-visiting, a nap after the mammogram. Cheez life is hard.


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