Full Disclosure – Don’t Need the Chip


A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

So sad really because I’m sure that mad scientist toiled ceaselessly to make that chip. Sorry, Isaac (his name is Isaac), you see I can do that already. I was born with the curse ability to do that.

I’ve been psychic in this incarnation as long as I’ve been incarnated or born if you prefer. And no, it isn’t always a blessing. I stay away from a lot of people because of their thoughts. I can zone in on what they’re thinking at our first meeting. True, this does make for snap judgments, but I also feel like, what the hell, time is limited, hang out with people who at least like you.

A little history for those of you new readers, and I’m happy to say there are many of you. I worked as a psychic for several years. I read people, worked with two detective agencies, searched for bodies, talked to family members about their missing loved ones, found a few people, confirmed the death of others. I found my gift burdensome after a while. While I wanted my clients to use their psychic ability to enhance their lives, they wanted to know if they were going to win the lottery, get a particular lover, sell their house. Normal things, true, but when one young lady called me after an hour-long reading to ask if she should get her hair cut, I was pretty well done.

I don’t read people now. I am content to experience my gift without any provisos and restrictions. Several of my acquaintances in Michigan were concerned about my mind reading capabilities and were nervous when I was around. I pick up what used to be called vibes and then thoughts. I know when someone is a phony or a fake and I can spot lies a mile away. That may be why I get so upset listening to certain politicians. I can spot the lies.

No I can’t turn this off either. A gift is not always a pleasant thing. In fact, having been blessed with no barrier between past, present and future, I sometimes shy away from it. It can be painful. I always try to make sure that I do not cloud my visions or impressions with my ego’s input. I stay out of the way if I want pure information.

Would I have accepted this gift if I knew I didn’t have to? That’s a moot question for me as it is just there and always has been. I think I would take it on again though – it makes life rich and rounded and full of wonder.



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  1. Clyde Lied says:

    “if she should get her hair cut” ROFL I don’t blame you!!
    Good luck with your gifts. I hope you make the most of them.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I did get some odd looks from my mom growing up – when I got older she swore she was psychic too! Funnt!


  3. raroto says:

    Amazing! I’ve never met a psychic before. I think it’s a blessing to be gifted like that. I think it takes a strong-spirited person to be able to sustain such powerful ability. I wish you well always, Jennifer 🙂


  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh yeh, you got it!


  5. Fascinating post! Although I don’t have your talent, I do like to think that I can pick up on people’s energy fairly quickly/easily — this can make it difficult for me to be around certain types of people because I can feel agitated easily if I’m around the “wrong” energy. I also like to think that I can “feel” the energy of objects (which is why I have had to get rid of certain items given to me by people I didn’t really trust). Anyway, I loved this post!!


  6. Jennifer says:

    Ah but knowing when someone is fake, that’s priceless.


  7. Jennifer says:

    Since I’ve never been without it, I have no idea!


  8. Jennifer says:

    And have you tried the salt in your shoes thing. I talk about being a healer in a former post – and how to protect yourself.


  9. Jennifer says:

    Probably but keep in mind it’s not them but You! Your guides will leave you alone when you want them to. At night there’s less to distract you!


  10. Oh okay. I thought you were overwhelmed because of the mundane stuff. My apologies. And, yes, it is a blessing. If only I could figure out HOW to do it the right way… Is it normal for them to be more active at night?


  11. Jennifer says:

    My exhaustion was years ago. I quit reading people because I just didn’t want to deal with mundane things any longer. Like do I get my hair cut! LOL So no, it’s not a burden and I’m not exhausted. It is a blessing.


  12. My whole life doctors have been trying to “diagnose” what I now know is a gift. I’m in the beginning stages of course, as I’ve just learned to accept it myself. However, there’s no medication that’s going to take this away. I do know that I can close the “door” when I’m spent and can’t do it any more, but I also know that the “door” will ALWAYS be there. I feel bad reading this… I’m sorry that it’s left you so drained. Maybe I’ll be saying the same thing someday, but for now, it’s just driving me crazy because I don’t know how to interpret what “they’re” trying to tell me. I don’t quite know how to pass a message along. So, I just tell who ever I’m with whatever it is I get. Yea… some people think I’m off my rocker, but I’ve been extremely accurate so far, so those who have received messages, know I’m not blowing smoke. I hope it gets easier for you. I hope they see how exhausted you are and perhaps leave you alone for a bit? Best of luck to you!!


  13. Sounds like one of those double edged sword things. You handle it well and if you would chose it again…you must be okay with it.


  14. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Yes… Then you would know who really your friends are… What dees he mean my breath smell… On the second thought… No thanks:)


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