All Excited – Poof


I woke up after my nap (!) this afternoon and the yarn had arrived. This is the sweater I’m going to make from it. After supper, I read the pattern and looked up how to do a provisional cast on with a crochet hook so I could get started ………. then I looked at the yarn again.

Oops. It isn’t wound in a ball. Of course not. I knew that. Jeez. I should have foregone supper cooking and wound up at least a ball of yarn ………… so in the morning I will wind the yarn and get going on the sweater. Tonight I did some more sock knitting. When visiting DH I take my gray sweater to work on – keeps me busy and not so antsy at the nursing home. I hate sitting still with nothing to do.

In case you forgot – here’s the new yarn. It is a little darker in real life, as is the Arco Iris I got for my scarf. I may have to make a sweater from it too – I figure I can add in the boucle’ and between the two of them, it will turn out luscious.

merino worsted_kaleidos_large

Time to get back to The Man Who Grew Tomatoes ………… it should be called Death by Tomato!


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