My Relic – Foosland, Illinois


Years ago – and I do mean years ago, back when I was a child, we visited Foosland, Illinois on a regular basis. My grandparents, Hattie and Carey, had a huge old house with a barn, an outhouse, a pump in the kitchen and a marvelous garden. Everything grew in that garden from corn to tomatoes to grapes and cherries. Not to be outdone, the flowers took up the front part of the garden.

Grandma was always canning something from July till September. Pickles, peaches, applesauce, cherry pie filling, tomatoes – everything was canned. They ate from their storehouse all winter long.

I love visiting Foose, as we called it. You could walk anywhere because it is so small. This used to be the grocery store/post office. They had a pop machine outside – the kind that looked like a chest freezer and they had grape pop. I loved that pop machine.

We’d walk down to get bread and candy – grab a pop and walk back. I’d sit on Grandma’s porch swing and listen to the pigeons coo in the woods across from the house. It was idyllic.

Sadly the house burned down, many years after both grandparents died. I think someone burned it down because they wanted the land – at least I remember hearing that rumor. The five boys finally sold the land and it was absorbed into the next door neighbor’s farm.

I’ll always miss it – sitting on the porch, listening to the pigeons.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I did – I noticed that today! I wondered where the comments were! Cheez you’ve got a lot of reading to do – I’ve been doing the daily prompts and Blogging University – which is why some of the posts are ODD.


  2. Jennifer says:

    God knows! They were originally from Corydon, Indiana, way down southern Indiana and then they lived in Troy, Illinois and Spencer, Iowa. Grandpa was a carpenter, worked on the roads, etc. Did anything to make a living and ended up running the dump in Fisher, just down the road from Foose!


  3. Another great story. Such a very tiny place. How did they ever end up living there?


  4. Ha! I just came to check on you because I haven’t seen you in a while and you were no longer being “followed.” I don’t know how or why that happens. It’s annoying, to say the least. I don’t know how long you’ve been gone from my reader. I’ll catch up on your posts now. Anyway, I am “REFOLLOWING,” you. I don’t know how many others are gone. By the way, did you notice that the chicklet who knits socks is named Jennifer?


  5. Your words are beautiful! Thanks for giving us such a lovely peek into your childhood!


  6. mamaboetobi says:

    touchy…we will always miss parts of past…and that post office is part of that sweet memory indeed..cheers…


  7. blueberriejournal says:

    This is a nice story, I like it very much.


  8. bikerchick57 says:

    Thanks for the story of your grandparents in this tiny little town.


  9. suyashchopra says:

    House must be a foodies paradise then – all natural stuffs. Nice memories of your past. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Lynne Ayers says:

    What wonderful memories.


  11. Love reading about your memories. Thanks for sharing them.



  12. Jennifer says:

    This village only has 101 people in it now – it had 90 when Grandma and Grandpa lived there. I think they were pigeons ………. pretty sure – they cooed.


  13. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Pigeons in the country? Wow even the post office in tiny Penngrove is bigger than that one.


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