Fearless and Feeling Fine

Let me just say that I feel fear as more of a challenge than an impediment to what I want to do. Although there are some things I’m mortally afraid of, we won’t go into that here. Because see, I don’t want to be cured of THAT fear. There’s just no way.

Anyway, were I totally fearless, I would have done this years ago when my knees were young and I could walk forever without pain. I would have stuffed my underwear and a clean shirt into a backpack, boarded a plane for France and backpacked all over Europe. I keep telling DS to do this – he doesn’t have the urge. I do, so I might just have to go anyway and take it easy on the knees.

The fear part would come in when I needed cash on the trip. Maybe I could get a gig reading Tarot cards, so I’d need to put them in my bag. After all, I still have bills to pay back home so a little spare cash would come in handy.

I can navigate like nobody’s business, so all I would need would be a map. Forget the smartphone, I’d travel with an iPad mini and pray there was wi-fi somewhere to use it. I fear being disconnected.

At night I would need to find a cheap B&B because I’m not sleeping with kids in a hostel. I’m not that crazy. I can just smell the smoke off their joints now. And the primal sexuality would send me screaming into the night – no, I need a B&B. Maybe they’d let me read people there for a few bucks.

I need to see the sights of France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Greece. If I have time I’ll take the Chunnel to the UK. There’s a lot of WP friends I could meet up with there – hey Denise and Suzi – I’m on my way – make up the spare bed ………..

What fun we would have finally getting to know each other in 3D instead of words on a screen …………





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m ready! Can you imagine being Moonglow your whole life?


  2. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Where do I sign up for this trip? Youth Hostels aren’t they places where young couples like Zeke and Moonglow hang out eating trail mix.


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