So Excited!

Today has been an exceptionally lovely day. I took off shortly after 11 to get gas – a half a tank was $25 – a HALF a tank! How ridiculous is that? At the same time, I bought a scratch off ticket (trading in a $2 winner). I paid $20 for the new scratch off ticket. DS thought I was nuts. Ha. I made a PROFIT of $12!!!!! Whoopee. I have now a $30 winner to trade in next time. That sucker paid for my gas! Yeah!

Okay. Back down to earth. I went to visit DH and he was in his room watching an old movie on TCM. We finished that one and then they did some clips and we started watching another one about a girl with 3 personalities, one of which was trying to kill off the other two. It was spooky and it was GOOD. I sat there enthralled for an hour and a half, just watching. I also fed him at the same time. But when I was too busy getting scared watching the movie, he fed himself too! How exciting is that?

I finally had to leave and go get groceries. I swear they see me coming and all say “Here comes that dame that can’t control what she puts in her cart! Let’s load the aisles up with all sorts of expensive FOOD.” Oh yes and I forgot something ………… I saw it – good old Cool Whip. I also saw ice cream. I get the ice cream and totally forgot the Cool Whip. Duh. Oh well we’ll just have to have the berries with ice cream – shoot!

I come home and DS is waiting for me to bring in the groceries (and the pop) and Maggie is thrilled I remembered her dry cat food. She always eats wet cat food but she likes hard cat food too, for a snack. I had been out for about a week and I thought she might leave home – see if there were any other people out there who don’t mind having the stuffing coming out of their leather furniture ………………

And then, yesterday being payday for me, I bought some YARN. I found a scarf pattern on Ravelry which I am going to use with part of this yarn and some Louet Clyde I have had for YEARS that I haven’t been able to find a thing to use it for – but it was on sale, see, so I got it anyway. So now I have a plan. It will be knit with this – one row of this yarn and then one row of the boucle –

Arco Iris

And then I needed a chaser, so I got this for a sweater!

merino worsted_kaleidos_large

Gorgeousness multiplied. I am SO EXCITED! I have the pattern (check) the needles are on their way (check) and now the yarn – perfect! Good. Day.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Isn’t it awful having strangers come into your house? I hate it and I’ve sold way too many homes! Here’s hoping his is gone SOON so you can move!


  2. Denise says:

    I went quiet about the house… one of my neighbours made an offer on it! We left it as a semi-secret, as he came to view before the others… and I thought it would be really awkward if for any reason (not that it would ever happen), I’d broadcast our semi-secret all over the internet!

    But my other neighbours have worked it out now so I guess it’s safe.

    I just have to wait for him to sell his house, and I am so relieved that this means that the viewings are over.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I did – for some reason I have been ANTSY! Any lookers on your house? I looked at homes for sale in Lewes and I want at least a dozen of them. I didn’t know you were so close to Brighton and Glyndburn! How exciting.


  4. Denise says:

    I wondered whether you went to the nursing home today. I’m so glad you had a better day today.


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