A Home for Textile Artists


I have just been given this lovely property by the good people at the Daily Post. I am so grateful. I also have unlimited resources with which to turn this hunk of crap beautiful property into a functioning home. What will I do with it? Ah.

A bed and breakfast would be nice and would keep me in my old age, but can you imagine cleaning all of those rooms? I would need a staff of 200 and I’m just not into big crowds.

Better I should make a home for textile artists. Permanent homes where they don’t ever have to leave unless going out the door feet first. They would, of course, need to take care of their own rooms, thereby freeing me up to also be a textile artist.

There would be common areas for those of us with a fluff obsession to get together and work on projects or discuss what method would be best. The studios would include at least 5 operating dye studios for those of us with dyeing and batik on our minds.

There would have to be an unending supply of fabric, dye, yarn, paint, batting, thread and needles. Sewing machines would be given to each artist who needed one and they would be the top of the line Bernina. If money is no object, we’re going to spend it.

A garden would need to be established outdoors for the benefit of the artists so they could lose themselves in growing beautiful flowers – and also to grow those flowers and herbs that go into making good organic dye. Another garden must be established solely for the chef in the kitchen so that she would have plenty of fresh vegetables with which to prepare her delicious meals.

There must also be a fruit orchard because one cannot live on vegetables alone. We would need apples, peaches, pears, figs and a huge raspberry stand. We, of course being in Maine, would need blueberries and strawberries too.

Each sleeping room would have a theme and would be decorated lavishly. The Provence room would have beautiful textiles from Souleaido and be filled with brilliant color. The Paris room, which would be mine, would be decorated in orchids, reds and yellows and would be filled to the brim with objet d’art. The Greece room would be filled with eye shattering blue and precious white textiles and would transport its inhabitant to the isle of Santorini.

Let us not forget the beauty of the Orient. The Chinese room would be filled with precious silks in primary colors. The Japan room would be filled with deceptively simple textiles from the modern era. Our Indian room would include kantha quilts and a fabulous altar for worship.

Let us not forget the meditation rooms, which would come with every sleeping room. In there, the resident would make their own space, creating a pleasant place for meditation from things they desire. There would be no limit on their choices.

The dining hall would fit all of us. I do think there are at least 200 rooms in this mansion so we would have at least 50 in residence at all times. A nice group, not too big, not too small – just right.



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  1. Denise says:

    Can’t imagine a better use for such a space.


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