Can You Analyze Life to Death? Yes

Circular Paths
Circular Paths

As my above quilt design intimates, everything goes round and round and round in circles. This is true for personality traits, life happenings and things you thought you’d never have to face again.

Coming and going, losing and gaining, being in the moment and then being out of it – these are all states of being. Needless to say, being in the moment is the best.

Here you don’t need to worry. Unless your butt is on fire, there’s no emergency that you need to activate your adrenal glands over. You can just relax. And when you’re relaxed, things – good things – start to happen.

In my psychic career, I read a lot of women who wanted to not only know their future, but were seriously conflicted in relationships. Some of them had bad relationships that they didn’t need me to tell them were going nowhere.

I remember one client in particular. She was a beautiful woman, in her mid-thirties. She was an aerobic teacher at a local gym. Her body was AMAZING and she had a great personality. She fell victim to a male co-worker who, while readily accepting her adoration, would not commit any little bit of himself to their relationship. For him, it was just one of many, a place to live – living off of her. For her, it was life or death.

I don’t know how people get themselves into one-way relationships. I had one years back which I felt was one-way. Probably because he was still hanging around with his first ex-wife after his second ex-wife had left him because he was still hanging around with his first ex-wife. I was constantly put in second place to her and at one point we didn’t see each other for a month or so while he tried to “see if it would work” with her. Like a fool, a month later, I took him back. There was something special in that relationship that I hadn’t found before or since, but after 6 months he left to go on an extended vacation and I broke out of it. It helped that he spent his last two days before traveling having a major emotional turmoil with her. He was so surprised when he returned and I told him it was over for me. Holy Cow. I can’t believe he was surprised ……….

For years he would call and want to have lunch, etc. I never did. I talked to him, but I stayed out of it. For all I know, he’s still sitting there with his first ex-wife, allowing her to run his life. Life is too short.

That was the time I allowed myself to be in the moment and recognized that the moment held nothing I wanted to hold onto. I recognized that there was another path for me, one where I would be comfortable, not constantly wondering where this relationship would go. After awhile, where it would go seemed just as bad as where it was. I wanted that woman at the gym to feel the same way.

I read her repeatedly. So often that I had to tell her she could only come once every 3 months. I explained that nothing would change by having a reading every week. I last heard from her the week my son came home from the hospital and she demanded – and I do mean demanded – a reading even though I explained that I could not. I wonder if she ever recognized that he was poison or if he just took off as I knew he would. However it ended, I knew it ended.

I hope girls are being raised today to not be man-dependant. But when I see so many young girls pregnant and alone in their teens, I’m not sure we’ve come very far. There is no surer way to make sure your life will be hard than to have a child when you are a child and to have no way to grow up from that point on. Sad.

I don’t have daughters, just a son. And relationships for him have been very hard as he tends to fall for girls who are already in a relationship. He gets crushed and then won’t involve himself again for a long, long time. I keep hoping he’ll meet someone meant for him and I say that prayer often. Someone who can love him for who he is and who is a kind, caring person.

So round and round we go – hopefully the lessons we have to repeat are easy and the learning comes quickly.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    How odd when I ended it, he decided it was the most important thing for him ……….. day late and a dollar short!


  2. Denise says:

    It’s hard to let go of relationships that have that special thing. And there’s no way round it, we just have to learn to live without it if the rest of it isn’t there. If it’s one-way. But it’s a hard thing to do.


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