Deep Breath – Go Shopping


After my email run-in with Tim from Hell on Craigslist, I needed to get the taste out of my mouth. What an absolute jerk. Anyway, I decided to go shopping.

I bribed DS and we took off to the mall. He went to Best Buy, of course, being the home of technology on steroids. He got to see an iPad Mini in real life – we both want one. My iPad is the original and every time I try to load a website, well, not every time, it crashes. Drives. Me. Nuts. So a new iPad is only my list of things I want.

He bought a video game and then I drove around the back of Best Buy looking for this new yarn shop. Whew. It’s something Barn – and it’s about 9 x 12 and it is closed until July 15th for a family event out west???? How do you close a business for over two weeks? Who pays the rent? I looked in the windows and decided the stuff in there can be had at JoAnn’s for half the price and I don’t buy JoAnn’s type yarn so we can forget that new place. It won’t be there long, that’s for sure.

So then I went to Macy’s. Whoot. It’s not a bad store, but I looked for a swimming suit and everything – all sizes – are all mixed in together. Like they have no time to go through the stuff and put all the size 12s in one place, etc. Same thing with underwear. I do not want to stand on my head to buy a bra, thank you. I can get it on-line cheaper anyway. So we’ll forget the upside down bra hunting.

I headed off to the appliance department. Ah. They had a Cuisinart blender just like the one I got DS for Christmas one year. Of course I didn’t know it was the same one, but he did. Anyway, I got that. Now smoothies, vinaigrette, creamy soups, crepes, potato pancakes and god knows what else are mine. I can even make some lemon ice!

My food processor was murdered about a year ago. Somebody – who refuses to admit it – dropped the part that makes the whole thing work and now it doesn’t. That’s also on my list of something to buy.

See, I’m clearing stuff out because I don’t want it and then I’m buying stuff …………….. this doesn’t make sense! Maybe, since I haven’t used a food processor for a year, I could just keep chopping and slicing and dicing stuff the way I have been. I can always smoosh stuff in the blender …………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ha! Machine droppers are the worst! It was old, but hey, it still worked ……..


  2. Denise says:

    I don’t have a food processor as I don’t have room to store it. My mum has had hers, a Moulinex, for thirty years. Good buy. And lucky not to have any machine droppers around the house.


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