I Went to the Grocery Store and ………..


I went to the grocery store yesterday. It was either that or DS and I were going to be out on the off-ramp to I-95 with a cardboard sign saying “Hungry.”

I used to take DS along. For some reason, lately he’s been keeping out of it, only (!) helping me haul the groceries in. Well, he hauls them in. I don’t do that. I just help put them away.

I don’t like eating the same stuff over and over. And I require vegetables in my diet, as well as fruit, unlike DS who will eat only meat and starch, ice cream and potato chips. Throw in the odd salad as long as he has this incredibly expensive dressing with all sorts of junk in it, like blue cheese. Yuck.

I am so happy that my local store, Hannaford, has a website where I can build my shopping list, see how much it all is and print it off. Otherwise I am overwhelmed and I don’t want to go. So I plan.

I figure we need at least 7 suppers, more if I can figure out what to get. I like vegetarian food, he likes steak. Although I try to remain pure, facing a steak with a lump of tofu, I cave occasionally. I was raised on beef. It’s what’s for dinner. I feel sorry for the cows, but then I figure it’s already dead, so what the hell.

After many months of trying to stick to a vegetarian diet, I gave up. We now eat a lot of fish, some beef and the odd chicken. I don’t like chicken as well. Especially if it’s the kind I have to cook, instead of the kind smeared with Honey BBQ sauce in the freezer. That I like.

So I get dressed and head to the store yesterday. I got salad greens (organic), Bolthouse Farms juices (love that stuff) asparagus, two kinds of cherries, peaches, apples, a cauliflower, russet potatoes for baking, a cucumber, some tomatoes and a red onion. Then I got serious.

I picked up some Habanero Cheddar from Cabot, Parmesano Reggiano, imported for only $14 and headed down into the depths of the store to get the polenta.

There I found fresh catfish. I haven’t had fried catfish since my Dad lived in Illinois and caught some in his lake. I love this stuff – I was raised on freshwater fish, mainly because Illinois is landlocked, we were poor and fish were free if you could convince them to bite your bait. I didn’t watch Dad clean them more than once. He’d hit them in the head with his hammer ——-

Then I snuck up on the fancy meat counter where you have to ask for your food. I got porterhouse steaks, shaved pub steak and specially ground sirloin. I make Italian Beef from the shaved steak, which nobody here has ever heard of but which is a delicacy in Illinois. You must have pepperocini and onion soup mix plus lots of garlic. And sub buns, don’t forget the sub buns.

Then I added couscous, Jasmati rice and some other side dishes. I picked up two hunks of tofu and some General Tsaos sauce to go on top after the tofu is fried in cornstarch and Mazola.

I branched out from there, only stopping when I snuck 2 lbs of butter into the cart along with some sour cream, pierogi, french fries, ice cream sandwiches and meatballs. I was done.

$443 later, and with two carts, I left the store. I now have chocolate chips, flour, brown sugar, vanilla, white chocolate chips, pecans, walnuts, almonds and more ………..

This is for two people. True, it will last a while ………….. but what would my bill be if I hadn’t watched it?


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