You Just Get Me Today


There’s no way I’m going to do today’s prompt for Blogging University. Sorry, I revolt. First, I am not a short story writer. If I were, I wouldn’t write about some lady getting evicted from her home. In this economy, I’ll bet you can go to almost every street in America and find someone who’s getting evicted, going through foreclosure, or about to. I can’t make up fiction for this – using points of view and dialogue or whatever.

Today you just get me, chatting about life, getting it out of the old system.

I’ve been ruminating on getting more kittens. I know, Maggie would eat them. If she didn’t eat them, she would at least harm them horribly. I see visions of maimed kitties running around the house with band aids all over them. They wouldn’t have any fur left …………

Sigh. I would like more kitties, although Maggie is super special and will always be number one cat. But I must be strong and realize that the complete insanity that would be involved in frequent activity periods would drive me nuts too – as well as Maggie.

On a side note, I colored my hair again – exciting, no? This time I whipped out the Revlon Frost N Glow kit and pulled my hair through a cap. It was painful. I had to have help on the back and I bribed DS to do it. I need a teenage daughter to do these things.

I left the bleach on for 45 minutes. I could have gone for a whole hour. Now my hair – which I don’t know if I like or not – is a coppery brown where the highlights are. I think its good – DS says it is. I’m not sure. I might put some ash brown on it today to tone down the copper – we’ll see. It’s so hard to see the color in a bathroom with these damn fluorescent light bulbs! It greens everything out. I might have to leave home and visit the restroom at Walgreens. The lighting in there tells the true story …………..

I’m almost done with my Japanese cotton dress. I’m doing french seams on the inside which will trap all the edges so they won’t ravel. Then I just need to hem all the raw edges and make the cardigan to wear over the top of it. The world is not ready for me to wear a sleeveless dress. Whew.

The E-cigarette thing is working out pretty well, except that I charged it yesterday and this morning I had to charge it again. I don’t get it. The charge is supposed to last longer than that.

I finished the second pink sock last night. Since DS got the other two pair, I now have two pairs that fit me. Now I just need to decide which yarn to use next …………

We’re going to have rain today. Lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms. That’s fine with me, nowhere to go today so I can stay in and sew or sleep, whichever I feel like. Since it’s 10:15 in the morning, I’ll do something before nap time …………

I’m getting big chuckles out of the political news these days. Although I’m not laughing about Iraq. I feel sorry for the people and stop already with the “we shouldn’t have gone in there” crap. It’s done. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t? Fact is, we can’t go back. My biggest fear is for Jordan and Israel – Israel can definitely take care of herself but Jordan, not so sure. I’m sure they were all comforted by the presence of John Kerry. Such a dolt. I wasn’t sure we could get a worse Secretary of State after Clinton – guess what – we did.

And then there’s those pesky emails that just happened to get burned 10 days after the investigation into the IRS targeting groups because of their political affiliation which was against the current administration. If you don’t believe Obama ordered that – I have some immigrant children I could send over to your house – oh wait – we’re keeping them. Sorry.

Notice how Bowe (where do these names come from?) Bergdahl has fallen from the news? How about the VA people getting 111 million in bonuses because they were hiding people on secret waiting lists? Outstanding work by people who obviously care about their fellow-man.

And Hillary. Yes, Hillary. Dear person thinks having a multi-million dollar home in the Hamptons which she visits only in the summer makes her poor. And her used to be very ugly daughter – they did something with her teeth and her nose, you know. Anyway – how does she rate $600K a year? For anything? Easy answer, her name is Clinton. But we have to understand these people really care about the middle class. Truly. They care so much they go out and lecture other people about the middle class and only charge $200K to blather on about it.

At least I can justify the expense of satellite TV this summer. I’ve been watching Father Brown, Endeavor and The Escape Artist on PBS. New Endeavor episodes are coming, as are two new Poirots! I cannot wait. I think there are even some new Inspector Lewis episodes ……….. wondrous delights! Since I finished Downton Abbey, there hasn’t been a lot to watch. I had DS get season two and three of Downton – which got knocked off my DVR by Mr. Selfridge, which I didn’t like – so I could see them again. Also we have Apple TV and he had the full series of Pride and Prejudice which I have seen at least 20 times – but watched again. I’ve seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at least 6 times ……… I love Judy Dench and Maggie Smith. Maggie is a force all her own.

Read, read, read. I started Absolute Friends by Le Carre and it was pretty good, but toward the end it just didn’t seem worth the effort. I dumped it. I’m now reading a golden age mystery by John Bude called The Cornish Mystery. If ever there were a place I would love living, its Cornwall. I have a Richard Jury, a new novel about a CIA spy who is an Arabic woman, Max Allan Collins’ Supreme Justice (like Mark Twain, Collins lived in Muscatine, IA, a place where we put in 3 years hard labor) and The Seamstress by Maria Duenas recommended by Gippsland Granny at I had to get the Seamstress in an actual book, not knowing that the name was changed and I could have bought it for Kindle under the title, The Time Inbetween …………. rats.

So that’s life in the not so big city – planning a trip to Portland or Acadia ………. DS will go with me to Portland so he can see all the Apple products and drool in the store ……… while I search out books in the used bookstores. Or maybe yarn …………….

So that’s me in revolt ……… hopefully we’ll have a better prompt for Blogging University tomorrow.



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