No Fear


Purple Mountain Majesties

It has been forever since I was fearful. At least six months, when I sat in the doldrums of winter, pining away for that which I didn’t have.

Fear has been killed off by meditation, by being in the here and now, by living from the center of my soul. I need not fear anything.

There isn’t anything to get, anything to chase, nothing to run from. Whatever happens, I embrace that happening, knowing it is a circumstance sent for my growth, not my suffering.

Even in suffering I am not afraid. Can I not have faith that the suffering will ease, that I will again remember to be here now and recognize the fear is part of my projection of distaste onto the future – the future which isn’t written in stone, not marked out, still waiting to become the present.

What is there to fear? Is it death? No. Death is merely a condition of life, there is no coming and going, there only is. Nothing is ever born and nothing ever dies. Sure, we may take our souls to another location and shed the body of the earthly plane for one that functions better in another world, but we need not fear it. It is just growth, loving, earnest growth.

We spread our lives out but a short time here on Earth. I walk in joy, not fear. Makes the time go by much better.



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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    You know my feeling about fear… I fear nothing.. A big spider on my arm.. Well I might scream:) but spider bite


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