Groundhog Week

If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?

Sorry. No. I wouldn’t change a thing. This has been a marvelous week for me.

Last week I found that the nursing home staff, prompted by the doctor, has started to change DH’s liquids from thickened to super-thickened to help him swallow better. It seems food is getting stuck somewhere when he swallows it. With cortical basal degeneration, the body starts to stiffen as it progresses. He has a hard swallow and aspirating fluid into his lungs would be the worst thing possible for him. They are on the road to helping him eat better. He now has pureed meat and soft vegetables and fruit so nothing will get stuck. He is so much happier. Yesterday he ate almost all of his lunch and gulped down the pudding-like liquid.

In between visits at the nursing home, I’ve been spending time sewing. Over the weekend I bought this fabric


and when it came I was pleasantly surprised. This is Japanese cotton from Marcy Tilton (.com) and is two layers of gauze bonded together and hand painted. The squares are about 5″ and I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with this. My size 44D boobs don’t really need 5″ squares over them to make them look bigger. Twiggy, I’m not.

I washed the fabric and hung it to dry. No dryer for this stuff at all! And then I plotted. I decided on a dress for a change, not a billowy shirt. I chose this pattern

Cruise Club Kim and Laura Dress from Style Arc
Cruise Club Kim and Laura Dress from Style Arc

I had made this previously in a denim knit. It is a knit pattern. I measured the pattern to make sure I could fit into it even without the stretch and it measured up fine. It’s cut out and pinned together. I plopped it on my dress form and I’m ready to sew. There will only be two seams and the neck and arm finishes. The pattern calls for a binding, but I’m going to just turn under the edges and hem them. I’m thinking about adding some embroidery to the neckline.

I’m going to use a lovely off-white paisley sheer knit to make a cardigan to wear over it. I will use this pattern


also from Style Arc. I love these patterns. They are single layout which means there’s no place on fold crap like from the Big Four and this means you can use the pattern of the fabric much better. This will be a stunning outfit!

I’ve also mostly finished my second pink sock so I need to decide on the next pair. And it’s almost July ……… the weather is warm and the living is easy!

No, the week was perfect. We’ll just keep it.


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