Just a Snap Shot

When looking through some old books today, I came across photos, as well as books, that feature my work. I thought you might like seeing this stuff – although a lot of it is from YEARS ago!

The Evening Star quilt which was published in Great American Quilts 1992, was pieced by my Great-Grandmother and my Great Aunts and finished by me.

The Shoo-Fly was made as my second quilt and given to my parents for their anniversary.

Sufficient Grace was the first quilt I entered into a show. Let’s just say I wasn’t too tempted to go into a quilt show judging contest again. The fabrics were hand-dyed by me..

The rest of my work you see here was shown at various shows curated by Merry Silber. It’s hard to describe Merry, because to know her was to absolutely love her. Her energy was outstanding. She passed away in her late nineties, as always loving quilts. She donated her large collection of quilts to a museum in Michigan. She loved indigo and white quilts and she would pull them out of her storage closet where they were wrapped in muslin and show them to me. I was drooling with want. She stood by me at every show, even when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. She found a home for The Wall at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan where she went to live in later years. I miss her.

Yin and Yang I made from old fabric after Mom died which she had in her stash.

The Meditation Mandala was my first foray into wedge cut circles. My husband laid out the pattern at work for me on the blueprint machine! I used lame’ in parts of it – horribly hard to sew!

Phoenix Rising was also shown at the same show as The Wall. This was one of my favorite quilts, made from unique fabrics folded to make triangles which formed pockets, framed in black and sewn with black and white. I love this quilt too.

The Boat, Swan and Flag quilt was a pattern worked out on the Escher idea, where everything fitted together and made something different. If you look hard, you’ll see the sailboat, the flag and the swan. The fabric is all hand-dyed by me.

Blue Hope is a reverse appliqué quilt with lovely fabrics. Miss it too.

Circular Paths is my favorite. I used silk tie scraps to make the circles.

Merry used to say the only things ever invented in America are patchwork and jazz. And here we have Patchwork Jazz, showing Johnny Coltrane and his sax on stage. My son drew Johnny.

All of these quilts, including The Wall, and except the Evening Star, have been sold. Sad that I don’t have them any longer, but it was exciting watching them sell.

And last but not least. A quilt that I started in July of 1993 and finished in September because it had to be done for a show at the Jewish Community Center. I needed to do a Jewish themed quilt in order to go to the show as I am not Jewish. I chose The Wall and this is appliquéd and each of the stones, made from fabric I dyed, is actually a pocket in which those who saw the show could slip prayers into The Wall. The curator then took the prayers out and faxed them to Jerusalem to be placed at the real wall. Neat. This quilt is 8 feet square and I worked like a dog to get it done – 11 hours a day sewing, sewing, sewing.


All of these quilts were pieced by hand with the exception of Phoenix Rising and the Meditation Mandala. Every last blinking one of them was quilted by hand. My hand. Lots of work here!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I made my last one in 2008 – I might do it again, who knows! I am stuck again on bed quilts if I do do one.


  2. Denise says:

    I would never have the patience to do this but I think quilting is a real art form. My tutor at college (brilliantly clever mathematician and computer scientist) used to quilt.


  3. You are so, so talented. I love Blue Hope and Phoenix Rising in particular. Are you quilting at the moment?


  4. Relax says:

    OMG, this is amAzing, girl. Awesome.


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