Dear Sweet Unrelenting Karma:

I have, over many many years suffered the consequences of my actions, thanks to you. I now know that every thought I maintain, every action I take, every judgmental thought I have, will land me in your grasp.

There are those who have been in my life, or who are there now, who were sent by you to teach me hard lessons. I thank you for those lessons, from the bottom of my heart, from the light of my soul.

I have learned to bless, forgive and forget those that I absolutely do not want to encounter in a next lifetime, should I be required to repeat this earthly plane again. I have learned to let them go, lest they be stuck in my orbit yet again to burn off more karma.

I have learned that my actions not only determine who I encounter, but also what I encounter. I need no longer fear life, because I know that whatever happens has at its core a message for me. How do I know that the next crisis will not bring with it a chance for me to grow, to experience the essence of the Cosmic Consciousness more? How do I know that living and suffering will not bring me to grace, my final resting place?

I looked at you many year ago as an enemy. No longer. I see you now as the friend you have always been, as the only entity who cared for me when times were low and I was desperate.

I have faced many conflicts in my life, but not so bad as others I see in the world. I am thankful that my lessons have been what they are, and not what they could have been.

I hope you stay with me, just a little longer, for there is work yet to do. I must make sure that when I leave this plane, I have left behind me nothing but love. You have shown me how to do that. I am eternally grateful.






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  1. silentlyhealing says:

    I’m not sure what I believe when it comes to faith etc. But I am sure that I believe in karma..maybe one day I will understand it better.


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