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Vogue 1247
Vogue 1247

I pretty much finished this shirt today. I love it. I did some adjustments so supreme curvy body would fit into cute pattern. It worked. I only have to hem the bottom and sleeves. I’m not going to use the sleeve bands because honestly I’m sick of sewing on it so they’re just going to get a nice hem.

I bought some fabric over the weekend – like I need fabric –


I could not resist this. I got it from Marcy Tilton ( who has the most lovely collection of Japanese cotton fabrics you’d ever want. I want them all.  I have no clue what I will make from this – but I got 3.5 yards just in case I need a lot of it. Once it’s gone there ain’t no more.

I am almost done with pretty pink sock number one and then number two will get knitted. I’m loving my hand-painted yarn and the single ply is sumptuous. I was worried before I tried knitting with it. Not a problem! It’s a high twist spin so it is soft, lovely and makes the neatest teeny-weeny stitches ………

I also finished my purse. It is driving me nuts because the strap keeps pulling the stitches out. I have to find either another strap material or a double clip to keep the strap from pulling on the stitches. Lovely bag, if only it wouldn’t come unsewn.

Today’s mail brought me two new patterns from Style Arc. This is my absolute favorite pattern company. They’re in Australia, so it takes some time for the patterns to arrive in the mail. I got these two today:

ANITA-TOP JUN-14-Special

Are they not keeewl? I just love them both …….. I’ve wanted the Anita top ever since I first found Style Arc and the Fiona Knit Cardigan is so practical I will wear it a lot. These patterns FIT unlike some I could name, Vogue, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity ………….. I already have three more in my shopping cart.

Yesterday being Father’s Day, I went to visit DH – DS had been with me for the cookout on Thursday. I took DH a strawberry shortcake with ice cream and whipped cream from Governor’s Restaurant – the local hangout for good damn food. I got one too, even though it wasn’t Mother’s Day – just to keep him company. And I took DS two gigantic eclairs from their bakery. Needless to say, a fun day was had by all! I wheeled Pops outside in his chair and I sat on a park bench, smoked a butt and had a good time. He was wearing his Number 1 Dad hat he got at the cookout! Plus he had his watch – which he loves. It was a nice day.

I can’t remember when I’ve groused and complained about anything lately. Cheez, I think life is pretty good!


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