A Day for Celebration


Today we celebrate the newest member of our family. We cannot even remember a time when we could live without its presence.

This family member allows us to

  1. Listen to music
  2. Stay updated on all news around the world
  3. Shop for everything under the sun, from books to yarn to fabric to electronics to new technology to pajamas and clothes – let’s not forget shoes
  4. Plan out the grocery list for the week, including how much said groceries are going to cost
  5. Research how to do things – from knitting a sock to fixing the dishwasher to altering a pattern
  6. Gives us access to over 200,000 knitting patterns to buy or even a ton of them for free
  7. Helps us attain a spirit-driven life with information on how to meditate, books to read and places to go
  8. Allows us to download books to read over wi-fi – amazing I don’t have to get in my car and go to the library anymore, the books are whisked on their way to me in seconds

And who is this sweet, loving person? It is our internet connection, the internet itself, the millions of people who put content on the web for us to peruse …………..

I, for one, will always celebrate this connection. It has become such a necessary part of our lives that nothing will stand in the way of me and my laptop.

Happy Internet Day!



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