Things That Will Rot Your Brain


This is your brain. This is how it looks after you allow input from indiscriminate sources. Here are just a few of those sources.

  • Listening to talk radio. Most of these talk radio hosts are rabid conservatives with only one thought in their mind (collectively). I am a conservative. I am not rabid. I have a heart and a soul. I do not want to demand that everyone follow me so that I can be popular. The radio talk show hosts have an agenda. Don’t swallow it whole. It will rot your brain.
  • Watching TV news. What the Bleep is going on? It’s horrible. People are dying, terror groups are invading, things are blowing up, there’s a mass shooting at a school, we’re talking about OJ again for God’s sake, Obama is saying something stupid, Biden is doing something stupid, talk radio hosts are bragging about how they got the majority leader of the US House of Representatives out of office by pumping up an economics professor. Sure let’s look to academia for our leaders ………. we have one in the White House. This will rot your brain.
  • Reading newspapers. They all have a slant. We know the New York Times is liberal-leaning. I can’t think of a conservative newspaper. They went out of business years ago. This will rot your brain.
  • Listening to cable TV about who’s going to run for president in 2016. And why Republicans can’t win. We got this same coverage in 2008 and 2012. Look what happened. We have veterans who can’t get care, global unrest, a president whose only experience was lecturing on the constitution he loves to break and organizing. He’s good at campaigning and he sucks at governing. Plus, he’s a politician from Chicago. This will rot your brain.
  • Trying to understand why we can’t build the Keystone Pipeline because it might affect our environment. Trying to understand how we will survive when oil is $250 a gallon. Trying to understand how those of us in the northeast and New England will survive without heat. Maybe we can move to DC and live in the White House. This will rot your brain.
  • Watching people get upset about global warming. Sorry folks, if Al Gore’s for it, I’m against it. If the climate wants to change, it will have to do it without me paying attention. I’m too busy trying to figure out how to pay for oil to give a flying F&&& about whether it’s hot or cold. It’s cold here. This will rot your brain.
  • Listening to people call other people racist. Really. So who’s not racist? Aren’t you racist when you scream that we shouldn’t have amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in our country? Whatcha gonna do – shoot ’em? I know – send them back? How you gonna do that? You gonna pay the bus ticket? This will rot your brain.
  • Listening to incompetent presidents explain how he had a red line and it was crossed but he’s decided to erase that red line now and move it back. And he gets stone-face to go talk to the Russians. And Mr. KGB walks right on over the top of Mr. Community Organizer, Mr. Hopey Changey, Mr. Yes We Can Mr. No I Can’t. This will rot your brain.

I’m depressed now. I’m shutting up.


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  1. Yes….. and yet I feel guilty if I don’t keep up to date with all The Bad Stuff. Which is maybe stupid if I’m not actually changing The Bad Stuff. Sigh.


  2. Relax says:

    LOL. I recall that after a couple of years of this administration’s first term, there was a billboard of a widely smiling Gee Doubleya with the caption, “Miss me yet?”


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