Happy Thanksgiving!

badgeNo question, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You can eat all you want, I just like cooking it.

We’re a small family with no extended family I’d sit down to eat with, so we take it small nowadays. But I’ve made ginormous Thanksgiving Dinners and my favorite was for my first Thanksgiving in Canada.

I had this dinner on the actual American Thanksgiving Day. Canadians celebrate it on what we call Columbus Day. I waited until the third Thursday in November.

My menu was awesome. We didn’t eat meat, so neither did any of our guests. They didn’t miss it at all.

We had tiny acorn squashes stuffed with cornbread cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, brussels sprouts sautéed with garlic and olive oil and topped with shavings of parmesan, mashed rutabagas (swedes in Canada) and roasted garlic to spread on the homemade french bread. I finished the meal off with a homemade chocolate swirl cheesecake with a ganache topping. They were stuffed, instead of the turkey.

I do something like this meal every Thanksgiving although now I will add roasted asparagus and carrots and skip the sprouts, keep the mashed potatoes and lose the rutabagas and add tons of homemade stuffing, without cornbread or cranberries as my family revolted after that one meal. I still do the cheesecake, or maybe a pie – it depends. We eat well.

Every Thanksgiving I now give thanks that I am back in the USA. I used to say “Next year in Jerusalem” on every July 4th I had to spend in Canada. I got to come back on July 4, 2007 to buy my current home. I was in my particular Jerusalem.

We’ve been back here almost 7 years now and I feel like I’ve always been here. Maine is a wonderful place to live. They don’t worry about where you’re from. If they don’t like you, it’s usually because of some other reason, not because you’re from away.  And every Thanksgiving is a joy —– home, here, back in the USA.



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