I’d Add Nino Salvaggio’s to Bangor – Good City Planning!


The one place I have missed more than any other in my 14 year exile from the Detroit Metro area is Nino Salvaggio’s Fruit Market ……….. no, more than a fruit market, a European style market plopped down in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

I shopped at this market at least weekly. I found I could go to Frank’s on 10 Mile and Jefferson for all our other food and to Salvaggio’s for everything else. Occasionally I might need to stop at the Village Market for coffee or some other staple, but Frank’s and Salvaggio’s was usually enough.

An aside here about Frank’s. It was run by two guys, Ron and Mike. It was a wonderful meat shop and yes we did eat meat. These guys were so fantastic that when I broke my ankle, they delivered my groceries. Ron made special things for our son to eat when he had braces first put on. They always treated me with delight when I walked in. Ron cried when we left to move to Canada ………… it was a family, that place.

Salvaggio’s is seriously up-market in St. Clair Shores. A lot of the Grosse Pointe ladies would shop there too. They took up more room than they should have and of course acted like they owned the place, but they’ve come down in the world now, what with the housing bubble popping and all of the car companies laying off their management-type husbands. Even the Grosse Pointe lawyers can’t find a gig.

Salvaggio’s had every fruit known to man, every vegetable and every weird canned and packaged food you’d want. They had two large cheese containers with exotic cheeses. They were built like a European market, concrete floors, produce in bushel baskets, a huge bakery with the best cheesecake in the world and a deli counter to die for. They also had meat and yes we ate meat then.

I couldn’t go in and come out of Salvaggio’s for less than $200 and I did this every week. That’s a whole lot of tomatoes! We ate well …………

Oh and I forgot the wine – wine from all over the world and good wine, not the stuff with screw-on caps and I never saw a box of wine in the place ……………. ah, days gone by.


If I ever get back to Michigan again, I’m going to Salvaggio’s – unless I can convince them to set up shop in Maine. There’s rich people here too.



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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    Sounds like my kind of place to shop.. I’m again those box stores…


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