Something to Think About


Put on your diving gear – we’re going deep again. I hope I can explain this succinctly. It took me forever to get this.

We come to a point in deep meditation where we find something out that we can barely grasp with our world-based minds. That no-thing exists. I don’t exist, you don’t exist, the chair doesn’t exist, the table doesn’t exist, the world doesn’t exist.

The only “thing” that exists is Cosmic Consciousness, Brahma, Buddha, God – however you want to think of the energy that is. It has never been created. It never needed to be created. It just was and is. It is all that there is. There is no-thing else.

So what about that money in your savings account? The car in your driveway, the house you live in? They don’t exist either. Sure, someone thinks they paid for them or built them or accumulated them, but they didn’t. You didn’t build this. And the government didn’t build it either.

At some point in very deep meditation we come our soul, our Witness. We notice that something is watching in our minds that is not moved by emotion or thought or right or wrong. Something that just is. At this point, the observed, the observer and the observing become one. There is no separation between the observed object, the person observing it and the act of observing. This is all one. One.

Einstein let us know that energy squared equals matter. I can’t remember what this proved, either the theory of relativity or something like that. At any rate, he didn’t create it. He found it. It was there. The energy that makes up all of our world comes only from Cosmic Consciousness. And so what, you say?

So there isn’t any object in the world that exists separate from Cosmic Consciousness. Nothing except Brahma, Buddha God. No-thing. There isn’t any money in your savings account, it is only energy you’ve agreed to view as money. There isn’t any car or fine house. There isn’t anything.

I look at the houses across the park from me. I love the yellow house, but I know it only exists inside of me and that I’ve agreed to view it as an object, a house. I know it’s truly just electrons and neutrons spinning around an axis faster than my eye can see. I know it’s not there in my true reality.

How does this help us? Think about this. If nothing exists outside of energy, if nothing has ever been created, what can you do? OMG you can agree to have those electrons and neutrons spin at a rate of speed that you want, to see objects in your world that you want there, not those you don’t. You can create your own temporal reality in your mind, with your Witness and you become one with the object, with the observer and with the observing. You choose what you want to see, what you want, what you need.

Of course it helps if you are also desiring that your imaginings will be helpful to mankind. They tend to manifest more quickly that way. I could set some electrons to spinning for a few hundred million dollars but it would be only good for me if I were to use that spinning electron money for the good of mankind.

Electrons spinning, life moving, something to think about ………….


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  1. Jennifer says:

    If, by introspection, you mean thinking your own thoughts, that would be very limiting. If, by introspection, you mean finding your Witness, the true observer and not either forcibly shutting up or listening to your mind, that is what you are looking for. Not self, but Self.


  2. Hariod Brawn says:

    May I ask a question?

    What would you say are the limits of introspection? In other words, to what extent, if at all, do you think introspective awareness can be an unreliable witness unto itself? I am genuinely keen to hear your thoughts on this, and would appreciate a response if you feel able to oblige.

    With gratitude and respect, Hariod Brawn.


  3. Denise says:

    My friend does 10 day silent retreats.

    Your description of where deep meditation takes you is wonderful. I have had glimpses at various stages in life. But it would be interesting to take it further.


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