Give and Take


Quote marks are intentionally removed from this conversation. Don’t comment about it, just live with it.

Kali – I don’t understand why you cannot accept the fact that there is another reality, that this “reality” is unreal.

Oh Dark One – Look, you’re talking New Age gibberish again. I can’t take it anymore. Here is what there is and that’s all there is and you’re being stupid.

Kali – Okay Mr. Big Stuff, how come people who meditate, do yoga, light candles and have a spiritual practice are calmer and happier than your lot?

Oh Dark One – because they are in a dream world of shiftiness. They give money to weird religions. It’s like all of you formed this cult of weirdness. You’re all drugged by your ideas.

Kali – No we’re not. We live in the same world as you. We just don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Why should we? Your world sucks. There’s violent death, mass shootings, ethnic cleansing and stoning to death women who sleep (heaven forbid) with someone they’re not married to. Maybe the guy they married just doesn’t have it anymore. Oh sorry, I’m starting to sound like you. OM.

Oh Dark One – you just keep talking like there’s something besides Earth and this world. How can you prove that? I don’t see any other place.

Kali – I can prove it to myself – you have to prove it to yourself all by yourself. Self-realization is SELF realization, I can’t do it for you.

Oh Dark One – why would I want to do it?

Kali – because then you will be at peace. You will not have to kill yourself trying to gain earthly symbols of success. You will know that these symbols are hollow and do not bring happiness. Happiness is only possible with spiritual enlightenment. The happiness lasts and is not based upon acquiring the next new thing.

Oh Dark One – you mean like the next new iPad? But I want the next new iPad. I have an iPad farm and the other three are lonely. I need new technology and if it has an apple on it, I want it more. It’s exclusive. Not everyone can afford it. I must have it to be happy.

Kali – Okay. Has all of the stuff with the apple on it made you happy?

Oh Dark One – yes. Until they come out with a new one, that is. Then I won’t be happy until I have it.

Kali – Don’t you get the symbolism of the apple? It’s not in my spiritual readings, but it is in yours. You know, Eve, Adam, the Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge? The time Eve was thrown to horrendous pain in childbirth? You know when they were kicked out of the Garden?

Oh Dark One – Crap. That’s not true. It never happened.

Kali – How do you know?

Oh Dark One – it’s just more bullshit like you spout. Makes me sick.

Kali – See there? You proved my point. Your world makes you sick. Mine does not. Have a good day.


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