The Journey ……..

Purple Mountain Majesties

I’m going to get deep here. Just a warning. Spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, nirvana, bliss, the witness, soul-directed living —— these are all words that describe a part of the journey. The journey to your center, to where you truly live, not where you think you live.

There are many people, people much more brilliant than I, who have written that we exist in all of our incarnations AT THE SAME TIME and not in a linear mode. We didn’t start way back in the year dot. We are in the year dot. We just happen to have more of our attention focused on where we are now, on Earth, the year 2014, the problems and sorrows of the age. But our other lives, they are being lived right now too. Which means, dear reader, that you not only can change the way your life is right now on the journey, you also change your other lives at the same time. And if you change your “past” lives, you change your karma. Think of it as if 500 clones of you are operating in different ages of time and what you do in the life you are most focused upon creates the waves of karma that go back to the beginning.

Ah the beginning. Where was it? I believe that we were all came to attention during that famous 6 day period written about in Genesis. Although I follow The Bhagavad Gita and not the Bible. I believe that there is nothing in this world that has ever been created. That there is no-thing. That we are all participating in a play of life, a lila, and it is Brahma who is playing and Brahma who is directing the play. In another post I will explain my theory of objects – but for another time.

I wrote about Vasishta’s Yoga in another post a while back. Vasishta, an enlightened soul, was instructing Ram on how to live. Over and over and over some 768 pages, the message was clear. Have no notions, there is nothing, there is only the cosmic energy, Brahma. No notions means no plans. No notions means no desires. No notions means totally truly being asleep to the world and awake to your soul.

He explained how the jiva – the soul spark – waits for a body to enter and once entered, becomes ego and thinks it will be able to direct life. But the only purpose a jiva has for entering a body is to learn that it is not the body and that the only home the jiva has is with Brahma.

Years ago I read in one of Deepak Chopra’s books – and I cannot remember which – that the world we live in is just a creation of our minds. If there is too much crime, blood, gore and guts – these things are things we have created by desiring them, by contemplating them, by separating ourselves from our true natures. We can uncreate them. It is not good to be a peace activist that storms the gates and becomes livid with anger. That brings you to a state that is not peace. Peace is the only way. To be peace. If we have enough of us peaceful in ourselves, centered in our soul and living from that place, we will have peace. We can multiply the energy of peace by the number of us at peace. Makes good sense to me.

So what do you do when you are in a place that makes you feel antsy, out of sorts, out of your center? For me, that means I’d best damn get to meditating. I’d better set my butt down and get back to my center and let my Witness take over. He/she is so dispassionate about the whole thing. There aren’t any conflicts, there aren’t any tests or sorrows, there just IS.

But when I come out of meditation, I need to bring with me that sense of peace and oneness and love. I need not to let it drop into oblivion after one hour and go back to living my life thinking I am and that I can. I, of myself, do nothing. I can create my life around me and I refuse to pay attention to the past or the future, because they are only illusions, like thinking the coiled up rope in the corner is a snake. It is just a coiled up rope. I do not wish to create, change or bend life to my desires, when I am in my center. I wish only to allow life to happen and flow with whatever happens.

In Buddhism, it is said that you must do what is in front of you. If you see a hungry man, feed him. If you see a thirsty man, give him something to drink. Whatever is in front of you, just do it. Do not question why it is in front of you. You will never get to enlightenment by thinking. You will only get there if you stop thinking. Stop thinking. Stop thinking. There is no need for the radio of your mind to keep playing the same old tune, the samsara, the channels cut in your brain by repetitive thoughts, they will fill in if you don’t keep feeding them with thoughts. If these thoughts you have repeatedly had ever helped ………….

The journey, life, living, these things we can do a minute at a time …………


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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    You are an awake soul… I total get the idea. I think déjà vu is a moment of clarity.


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